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Heras offers a complete range of products for securing your premises. Our complete range of security products includes fencing, entrance control, with or without drive. In addition, we offer many modern electrotechnical security systems for sites with different levels of security including detection and integrated systems. All these solutions together provide a total solution with the right level of security. In the overview below you can download all available documentation. On this page we provide a range of documents easily available to supply or for a one-click download solution including brochures, installation manuals, Q40 and CAD drawings (also available and PDF)


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Zenith A1 (SR1) is suitable for protecting large areas and premises as businesses, schools, hospitals and manufacturing sites against opportunistic attacks.

Zenith B3 (SR2) is made up of two layers of steel mesh panels welded 90 degrees to each other to provide an extra safeguard against intrusion. It requires that the[...]

Zenith SR3 is a combination of A1 (SR1) and B3 (SR2), where a single skin fence is located just in front of a double skin fence creating a gap to resist and delay a[...]

The Pallas mesh fencing system is a modern welded fence panel. Providing good see-through visibility will enhance its surroundings.

The Pallas xtra mesh fencing system is a secure effective form of crime prevention. Enhancing resistance to vandalism and forced entry attempts.

Triton is a modern welded mesh fencing system, ideal where security is required but without an oppressive and intimidating appearance.

The fence panel benefits from two different edges, one barbed and one flush with the option to be installed either way for added safety or security.

The Tangorail TR100 is ideal for typical boundary demarcation. The TR100 features capped heads on each bar to provide security, style and safety in equal measure. [...]

The Tangorail TR200 robust bar fence design is ideal for a more secure boundary demarcation. The non-welded design allows for fast, uncomplicated installation, the[...]

The Tangorail TR300 systems are an attractive alternative to our Standard Railing system, the vertical tubular bars are supplied with three finial head options.

The Tangorail TR500 is a smooth top railing system. The flat upper horizontal bars cover the tops of the vertical tubular.

The Tangorail TR700 Bow Top Railing system is a vertical tubular bars with horizontal rails solution designed to compliment its surrounding.

The Tangorail TR800 Playground Railing systems is made from vertical tubular bars with horizontal rails, manufactured to RoSPA guidelines.

The Noise reducer is an effective sound wall with high noise insulation and absorption properties. With their light weight, small footprint and easily installed[...]

The Noise reducer HA is an extremely effective sound wall with very high noise insulation and absorption properties. The product is ideal for protecting residential[...]

Spectator Rails can clearly demarcate the playing area from the viewing area allowing for safe play. Several infill options provide plenty of possibilities for the[...]

A Multi Use Games Areas (MUGA) allows you to use one court to play a multitude of games such as football, tennis, basketball and netball.

Entrance control

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Safeglide 2 - Single leaf sliding gate boasts the latest technology and has been successfully tested for all relevant safety norms (EN and BS). The gate frame is[...]

B931 is tested to both PAS 68 7500/40MPH and 7500/50MPH and available in a range of sizes and with infill to suit site requirements. The Crash Tested Sliding Gate is[...]

The B300 automated swing gate, available in single or double leaf orientation, is a complete entrance control solution for office buildings, schools, commercial and[...]

The B360 self-closing pedestrian gate has been designed to complement other perimeter protection systems including fencing, gates and vehicle barriers.

The B365 automated pedestrian gate has been designed and manufactured to withstand elemental wear and vandal tampering. The B365 can be integrated with existing site[...]

The B930 crash tested gate (B930 VeeGate) is the ideal solution for High Security sites where the ultimate level of protection is required. Withstanding the impact[...]

The B935 swing gate has been tested at Transport Research Laboratories in accordance with PAS 68 criteria. The Double Leaf Swing Gate is unique at 8000 mm.

The B960 resists attacks on the front cover plate which protects the locking mechanism, as well as attack on the locking bar, slide bar, and gate hinges. The B960 can [...]

The B700 turnstile provides easy-to-use, rugged and reliable, high security pedestrian control. Available in a range of configurations, materials and finishes.

The B720 turnstile has been specifically designed to prevent theft and unlawful entry at construction sites and other temporary locations. The turnstile is supplied[...]

The B730 Full Height Stadium Turnstile combines entrance control, safe pedestrian access, aesthetics, ruggedness and reliability. A major provider of turnstile[...]

The B970 is designed and tested to resist a considerable degree of physical attack. Even an unsupervised entrance is maintained as a strong point.

sGate bottom guided offers an ideal combination of access control, safety, speed and operational reliability for locations with frequent vehicle movements.

sGate top guided offers an ideal combination of access control, safety, speed and operational reliability. Ideal for sites where optimal security is essential.

sGate trackless offers an ideal combination of safety, speed and reliability for locations with frequent vehicle movements requiring controlled access.

The B937 provides secure, high traffic, vehicle control combined with pedestrian deterrence in a single, reliable, low maintenance product. The crash tested,[...]

The B411/B412 barrier is well suited to unsupervised or vandal prone sites. An electro-hydraulic barrier with strong and efficient operation.

The B420 heavy-duty arm barrier has the added benefit of a very strong, full height anti-pedestrian skirt both above and below the barrier arm.

The 94x series is a range of heavy-duty, vandal resistant dual beam barriers which have been crash tested to PAS 68. The 94x series is scalable, offering the[...]

The B620 tripod turnstiles couple an elegant design, with solid practical construction. Ideal where there is a need for unimposing security. Providing customers with[...]

The B670 internal gate is a high performance, safe, DDA compliant hinged gate, designed to compliment our full range of access control and barrier solutions.

The B801 Speedwing slimlane regulates the flow of people in transit, combining an elegant, aesthetically pleasing design, with solid practical construction.

The Saros barrier has a robust internal frame and the aesthetics that are well suited for use in commercial car parks and industrial site entrances.