Entrance control

Manage site access with safe, secure entry points

Control access with security gates

If you want to keep your premises secure, you need to be able to control access to it. Choosing the right mechanical or automated gates can give you the flexibility to control entry efficiently and safely—so you can manage the flow of visitors in and out of your site, while deterring intruders and preventing unauthorised access.

Sliding gates

Sliding gates give you a safe, fast and elegant solution for secure access, especially for sites with large vehicles.

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Swing gates

Swing gates provide you with safe, secure access control that integrates seamlessly into your fence-line.

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Turnstiles provide you with a safe, secure way to regulate and control pedestrian access to your premises.

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Bi-fold gates

Bi-fold gates give you the optimal combination of speed and security for high-traffic entrypoints at your perimeter.

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Rising arm barriers help regulate traffic flow and control vehicle access to roadways, car parks, commercial buildings and other premises.

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Road blockers

Road blockers operate quickly and effectively to act as powerful access control and hostile vehicle mitigation applications for entranceways or car parks.

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Electronic access control

Electronic access control via a tag, card or smartphone? Heras offers tailor made solutions that suit your situation.

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Bollards help you protect your buildings and pedestrian spaces from vehicle entry, accidents, and attacks.

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Safety gates that fit your unique needs

Every site is different, so it’s important to find a security gate solution that’s right for your specific circumstances. The first step is to analyse the access patterns for your premises and define your requirements in detail. Some of the key questions to ask yourself are:

How can I choose the right security gate?

Once you start talking to a gate company, you may find yourself overwhelmed by the huge range of options for entry control, from simple manual barriers to high-end commercial electric gates. But most entry systems fall into a few main categories:

What should I look for in a gate company?

A good gate company should be able to support you at every step in your entrance control journey, from the initial analysis and design of your entry points, through manufacturing and installation, to ongoing maintenance and support. It is also important to guarantee that security gates meet all relevant UK and European gate safety standards.

Security gate assessment and design

Your security gate company should be able to help you perform a comprehensive analysis of your site’s access requirements to identify the best locations for entry points and the right types of manual and automated gates to meet your access control and gate safety needs.

Security gate manufacturing and testing

Security gates, especially swing, sliding and bi-fold gates, are often large, heavy devices with automatic moving elements. To keep people and vehicles safe, you need to ensure that each gate meets safety standards. That means risk analysis, safety-focused design, rigorous testing and documentation, and manufacturing to high quality control standards.

Security gate safety certification

In the UK, it is a legal requirement for all automatic sliding gates to be UKCA/CE-certified. If you can’t prove that your gate is properly certified, you run the risk of legal liability and invalidating your insurance. All Heras entrance gates, turnstiles, barriers and electrical access systems are UKCA/CE-marked as standard.

Security gate maintenance and support

Like any complex mechanism, security gates need regular maintenance to ensure that they continue to function correctly and safely. We can provide appropriate maintenance and support services to help you keep your gates in good condition. At Heras, we offer maintenances contract with specified service levels for response times and first-time fix rates, as well as preventive and predictive maintenance services.

Why should I choose Heras safety gates?

As one of Europe’s leading entrance control specialists, we have been helping customers like you achieve their safety and security goals since 1952. Our experience and expertise led us to design the Heras Security Model, which serves to:

Our strong track record, combined with the ever-evolving skill set of our personnel, reinforces our status as the experts in security gates and gate automation. Request your quote today.

Security gate customer spotlight

Learn how property developer and storage company Boxcomplex worked with Heras to secure its multifunctional business and storage spaces with automatic sliding security gates and entrance control systems, together with robust bar fencing for a complete perimeter security solution.

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