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the smart addition to your service and maintenance solution

Smart applications can save you a lot of time and money, extend the life of your access solution and reduce the risks of unsafe situations. So make your site security smart and discover Connect, the smart addition to your service and maintenance solution.

Connect not only provides information about the status of your Heras and non-Heras entrance solutions, but also monitors all key components 24/7 and translates this into practical information for facility managers. This way, you always have real-time insight into the status of your automatic sliding gate, swing gate, speed gate, barrier or turnstile via your smartphone, tablet or PC.

In addition, even before you notice a problem, the smart solution sends out a signal if there are any deviations in the usual operation of your system. This allows us to be proactive and focused, minimise downtime and perform maintenance at exactly the right time. Discover the benefits of our smart service and add Connect to your service and maintenance solution.

Put together your service and maintenance solution:

How to save money!

Here is a simple example, to illustrate the savings you can make with Connect. Let’s assume that with Connect you can avoid/save two unnecessary service technician visits per gate/year.

Potentially, this will result in the following savings: £270 of two service visits per year versus Connect service costs of £180 per year = a saving of £90 per gate/year. In addition, it provides a potential saving for business continuity of £125/175 per truck/hour.

Smart features of Connect

  • Smartly manage your entrance control systems 24/7 for peace of mind
  • Smartly monitor malfunctions and keep your business running
  • Smartly give access to anyone, anytime from anywhere
  • Smartly save money, CO2 and never pay for unnecessary maintenance
  • Smartly service your entrance control systems to extend their lifespan

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Frequently asked

Is Connect always combined with a service and maintenance solution?

In order to provide you with the best possible service, the additional smart service Connect is indeed always an extra addition to your service and maintenance solution. For example, the IoT software is integrated into your existing outdoor security system with (automatic) sliding gates, speed gates, swing gates, barriers and turnstiles from Heras and other suppliers.

What functionality does Connect include?

The additional smart service Connect offers the following functionalities: remote monitoring, alerts and notifications, usage-based maintenance, remote access and configuration, and reports and statistics.

Who monitors the status of the access solution?

As the owner, you always have access to the online portal to monitor your access solutions. If you choose Premium or Premium VIP, Heras’ service department will also monitor your gates, so that any problems are quickly detected and resolved.

How does Connect work?

The additional smart service Connect is a platform consisting of the Heras Cloud Unit (hardware) and the Heras Cloud Portal. The hardware is installed on an automated sliding gate, speed gate, swing gate, barrier and/or turnstile and connects wirelessly to the portal via the GSM network. The Heras Cloud Unit monitors vital gate parameters: gate status, safety functions, power supply and frequency of use.

Can Connect be added to all gates?

The additional smart service Connect works seamlessly with all types of access control products, such as sliding gates, speedgates, swing gates, barriers and turnstiles, both from Heras and other suppliers. The specific parameters that can be monitored depend on the detectors and connectivity of the access point in question.

What about the security of Connect?

The connections between access solutions, smartphones and the online portal use SSL encryption, VPN tunnelling, secure passwords and Next Generation Fire Walls. This ensures secure use and prevents misuse of access to your premises.

Can I also give people access rights to open a gate?

This is indeed possible. Through Access (part of Connect) you can grant access rights to your premises. This works on the basis of a telephone number or app. You can also deactivate this module if you wish.