Sliding gates

Safe, fast and elegant

Looking for a sliding gate to secure your property? Our sliding gates fit in seamlessly with all Heras fence systems. Whatever your requirements and needs – a manual or automated sliding gate, a cantilever gate or rail gate, a gate with or without lighting – you will find a suitable solution in our range of sliding gates.

Sliding gates: fast and elegant

Our sliding gates are available in a variety of open widths, from 3 up to 38 metres, creating a safe passage for any vehicle. Whatever sliding gate you choose, we ensure it complies with uniform standards and transparent regulations to guarantee safety.

Take, for instance, our standard manual sliding gate or what about our high-tech electric sliding gate with low-noise drive?

Heras range of sliding gates

Port areas, commercial properties and high-risk areas: we offer sliding gates for every environment and purpose. Heras sliding gates are available with both rail and cantilever systems. Cantilever sliding gates like the Safeglide 2 are exceptionally elegant and have no rail in the road in which dirt or snow can collect.

Sliding gate Safeglide 2

Safeglide 2 - Single leaf sliding gate boasts the latest technology and has been successfully tested for all relevant safety norms (EN and BS). The gate frame is[...]

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Sliding gate B931

B931 is tested to both PAS 68 7500/40MPH and 7500/50MPH and available in a range of sizes and with infill to suit site requirements. The Crash Tested Sliding Gate is[...]

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Sliding gate Delta

The Delta sliding gate boasts the latest technology and has been successfully tested for all relevant safety norms (EN and BS). Ideal for harbour entrances, plus busy [...]

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Sliding gate Atlas 2

Atlas 2 is a strong welded steel sliding gate for industrial use. The gate is delivered as a pre-assembled module making it very quick and economical to install with[...]

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Sliding gate: SHB

The SHB sliding gate provides customised access, both for height and large widths. The double-leaf configuration of this gate can even bridge a width of 38 metres. [...]

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More than a sliding gate?

A fence with a sliding gate forms the basis for a good outdoor security system. Would you like to further reduce the risk of intrusion? Contact our specialists for security advice. We offer high-security solutions for every risk profile. Because every industry has its own specific security issues, we provide specific security solutions for different sectors such as transport and logistics, vital infrastructure, government, food, defense and water. Matching fencing, entrance control, detection systems and security cameras are just a few examples of the additional options that we provide.

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Choosing the right sliding gate

The right level of protection
Some high-risk environments require a mechanism that can open and close quickly. You can always rely on the speed of Heras automated sliding gates. Are you security conscious and looking to deter any unwanted visitors? Or is the gate used mainly for demarcation purposes? Our sliding gates are available in heights of up to 2.5 metres, to suit any application. For additional climb-over protection, the gates can be finished with a serrated strip or bevelled bars. Other options include flashing lights and integrated LED lighting.

Design that compliments the environment
The cantilever gate has been designed to be aesthetically pleasing as well as secure. Depending on the width of the entrance, a cantilever gate can be a stylish solution, securely controlling openings up to 9 metres wide (single leaf gates) or up to 18 metres wide (double leaf gates). For openings with a wider width or for customers who prefer rail systems to cantilever, we offer a wide range of rail sliding gates. Our sliding gates come in a variety of colours to suit individual needs or house styles. The iGate also offers the possibility to have a personalised design applied to the panels to make a strong visual impression on visitors.

What does a sliding gate cost?

Our sliding gates are custom made to suit your requirements and are offered at attractive base prices. We will be happy to send you a specific quotation according to your budget.

Service Options from Heras

A sliding gate that no longer opens or closes leads to inconvenience and annoyance. To prevent this, Heras offers service solutions that keep your product working in optimal condition. Our bespoke service solutions reduce the risk of failures, unsafe conditions and unexpected costs. Click here for more information about our service solutions.

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Would you like security advice tailored to your property and needs? Then contact a Heras branch near you. You only really find out which perimeter protection solution matches you best by seeing them in reality. So make an appointment to visit our Experience Center! Our security advisers will be happy to introduce you to our range of sliding gates and can help you make an informed decision.