Sliding gates

Rapid, automated access for vehicles and wide entrances

Secure your site with sliding gates

When your site needs to admit large vehicles or multiple lanes of traffic, sliding gates are often the right option. Manual or electric sliding gates can span openings of up to 38 metres. They can run on a railed track, or you can suspend them above the ground with a cantilever design.

Why should I choose sliding gates?

If you’re managing a site that needs to provide secure access for vehicles, the design of sliding gates makes them an effective solution.

Cantilever sliding gate

One of the safest and most reliable solutions for your premises, when covering large openings. Our single leaf sliding gates boasts the latest technology and has been [...]

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Sliding gate B931

B931 is tested to both PAS 68 7500/40MPH and 7500/50MPH and available in a range of sizes and with infill to suit site requirements. The Crash Tested Sliding Gate is[...]

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Sliding gate Delta

Delta is one of the best-selling sliding gates across Europe. Fast speeds up to 0.5 m per second (1m for double gates) equates to less time lost and a quicker[...]

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Sliding gate Condor

Budget-friendly and optimal access control. Delivered fully assembled for fast installation. Discover more now.

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Sliding gates for wide openings

Some premises need particularly wide entrances for heavy goods vehicles or industrial machinery. Sliding gates are typically the safest and most space-efficient way to secure these entry points.

Unlike traditional swing gates, these gates don’t pivot around their gate post; they retract parallel to your fence. Vehicles can drive right up to the gate without needing to provide clearance for the gate to pivot. This reduces the risk of damage to both the vehicle and the gate and saving space on your premises.

Enhanced security

For vehicle access, you’re often faced with a choice between sliding gates and rising arm barriers. Barriers can be raised and lowered very quickly between individual vehicles. So, they may be best when you need to manage a continuous flow of traffic.

Sliding gates have the advantage when your priority is security, because you can erect them at much greater heights. This means you can seal off your entry point more completely against both vehicles and pedestrian intruders.

Elegant entryways

When aesthetics matter, cantilever sliding gates are an elegant solution. They can be a good option for managing access to a private residential or commercial property.

Appearing to float above the ground, cantilever gates provide a clean, modern, minimalist look. And unlike tracked sliding gates, they cannot be blocked by dirt or snow. So, they are good for maintainability too.

What types of sliding gates are available?

At Heras, we offer a comprehensive range of manual and automatic sliding gates. Our solutions are available as both single leaf gates and double leaf gates. And we can tailor the dimensions, designs, colours, and security features to precisely meet your needs.

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Sliding gates that meet industry standards

All Heras gates have been rigorously tested and certified to meet appropriate quality and safety standards.

How much do sliding gates cost?

These gates can be a low-cost solution. The price will depend on your size, design, and security requirements. Request your quote from our sales team today.

Sliding gates customer spotlight

Learn how data centre company BIT worked with Heras to design and install a new entrance control system. The solution includes five sliding gates for vehicles and pedestrians. The gates are fitted with fast drives to provide quick access to the site for authorised visitors. Read the full story here.

How to install, service and maintain sliding gates

Our gates are easy to maintain thanks to their trackless cantilever design. We also offer expert installation and end-to-end support services across all our solutions.

How to buy sliding gates

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Go further with sliding gates

You can easily augment our gates with security fencing, detection systems and cameras.

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