Service and maintenance on your perimeter protection keeps your business moving

The continuity of your business is our top priority. Heras offers tailor-made, smart service and maintenance solutions. These ensure that your product performance and site security are always optimised. Do you have damage or malfunction with your products? We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our service and maintenance solutions also ensures that you always comply with general regulations and standards.

Heras offers the following service and maintenance solutions: Essential, Premium, Premium VIP and our smart add on service, Connect.

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Benefits of service and maintenance from Heras

  • Fast response times with discount on hourly rates/parts
  • Reduced risk of breakdowns or unsafe situations
  • Guarantee that you comply with set regulations and standards
  • Extended lifespan of your installation
  • Option: additional smart service Connect

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Why service and maintenance?

Checking the operation of your access system is crucial to ensuring the safety of all users and to guarantee optimal functionality. It is therefore extremely important to check the status periodically and to intervene immediately before or when a problem occurs.

If you choose to have your Heras and non-Heras access systems inspected and maintained annually by us, you will minimise the chance of malfunctions and automatically comply with the mandatory European NEN-EN 1324-1 standard and the Machinery Directive.

When you take out one of our service and maintenance solutions, Heras will take care of all the necessary inspections, service and maintenance in good time and provide you with a service and maintenance logbook as proof. This way, you avoid joint and several liability in case of an emergency.

You will also benefit from a discount on hourly rates/parts, cost savings in the short term and budget planning opportunities in the long term. Do you want to make your service and maintenance solution smart? Then check out our additional smart service Connect.


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