IT as a crucial part of your integrated security solution

The best security solutions depend on a stable network and reliable IT equipment. Our IT equipment is of the highest quality, has a long service life, performs in the toughest conditions and always has sufficient up time. All of our network devices are extensively tested in advance so that you are assured of optimal functionality and performance at installation.

Stable performance by regular partners

Heras works together with key partners to guarantee quality and to ensure we have the best options for our customers. We apply the extensive knowledge of our partners to achieve the best selection of hardware for your situation.

Suitable solution for every sector

Whether it concerns the security of a company storage, an educational institution or of multiple locations in the vital infrastructure. Heras offers appropriate IT solutions that meet your security needs.

The network and hardware components:

  • Switches
  • Servers
  • Workstations
  • Monitors
  • Emergency power supply / UPS / PDU
  • Infrastructure

This makes your security solution future-proof:

  • Choose the correct switches to securely connect your security equipment to your network.
  • Ensure the smooth and reliable operation of your security system by choosing a high-quality server that guarantees you a stable security management, video management or access control system.
  • Increase your ease of operation with a powerful workstation fully developed by HP and Heras.
  • Ensure accurate picture display with perfect colors utilizing the right monitor.
  • Prevent disruptions to your business processes in the event of a power failure by using an emergency power supply (UPS).

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Ensures a stable network and connection to the infrastructure.

A future-proof network goes hand in hand with the next generation of switches. These ensure an optimal performance which works seamlessly with your security equipment. Future proofing your system as much as possible.

Intelligent switches form the basis of a stable IP network. This ensures a reliable, stable connection to the IT infrastructure. This is why we only choose the most reliable switches.

Our carefully chosen HPE and Moxa switches are suitable for any security solution where an IP network is used. Whether it is an access control or camera system, the HPE and Moxa switches guarantee continued operation. The switches are available in various versions. From fixed switches to modular switches that you can expand with Power over Ethernet and a large number of ports.


Optimal functioning of your security system

You expect high performance from your server, be it computing power or data storage. With the needs of a security management, video management or access control system to function 24 hours a day, 7 days a week it is imperative that a stable, reliable server is used.

To safeguard this security process, Heras relies on the DL360 and DL380 servers of our key partner HPE. These servers have been carefully configured for you, and offer the assurance of a long-term, stable security solution.

HPE’s DL360 and DL380 servers ensure the very latest in performance and expandability. A perfect choice with an extensive performance capability.



Workstation, Client Workstation

Ideal for any security solution

To be able to effectively operate your security management, video management and access control system thus allowing you to respond quickly and accurately. This is what Heras requires from a workstation. The HP Z series from our key partner HP is compact, powerful and quiet. It can be used as a workstation for any electronic security solution. The machines have been extensively tested for 24/7 use to ensure continuity of service and are ideal as a workstation for your security system.

By using high spec machine with the ability to view multiple full HD cameras simultaneously without loss of quality it also means our systems are very stable and unobtrusive. Exactly what you are looking for to take your security solution to the next level.

Powerful: Developed for high performance and versatile
Silent: Very thermally efficient, with optimized airflow is efficient to ensure longevity even during heavy loads.
Compact: Discreet, compact housing.

To make the most of the high spec workstation a high-quality display/monitor is recommended.


When making informed decisions from a monitor.

Where a camera records activities, the monitor displays the activity. To be able to assess the situation/risk and make an informed decision based on the images shown the quality of the monitor can make a substantial difference. Because the HP and Eizo monitors offer high color quality and accurate image reproduction, we only use these monitors. This is a decisive factor for, among other things, a well-functioning CCTV system and Security management system.

A High-quality display / monitor complements a powerful, high spec workstation.

Emergency power supply, UPS, PDU

Protection against power failure

Whether the threats are coming from the inside or out, if the power fails the security systems will not capture the intrusion/activity. Your security system simply will not work. Cameras will not register, servers do not record anything and the monitors are blank.

To guarantee the continuity of your security solution, Heras offers a range of emergency power supplies to match your requirements. Heras works together with EATON for this. The use of a UPS (Uninteruptable Power Suply) or a PDU (Power Distribution Unit) ensures a consistent power supply to your system and thus continuity of your protection. The UPS systems are designed to provide backup power for both short and longer periods in the event of a power failure.

Network infrastructure

Do it yourself, or let Heras take care of it

Optimal operation of an integrated security solution requires complimentary high quality cabling and infrastructure (Fibre optic). With large amounts of data transmission from multiple IP devices the infrastructure has to accommodate existing and future needs. By investing in the most applicable infrastructure, you are assured of a stable and secure security system, for now, and for the future.

Heras can take responsibility of the complete installation of your security network system or work seamlessly with the existing infrastructure. Together with our permanent partners, we can provide a fully certified fiber optic network as well as high specification IP communication devices. This ensures the stable operation of your ICT security solution.

What does a complete, future-proof IT solution cost for your security system?

You are guaranteed to benefit from Heras. We are happy to calculate the costs for network solutions and hardware for you. Please request a quote at anytime.

More than hardware?

A stable network, with high-quality hardware, forms the basis of a well-functioning security solution. We develop and install integrated security solutions for the security of buildings, grounds and complexes. We integrate the fencing completely into the overall concept of outdoor security, including detection and camera systems, access control and gates that can be operated electronically or otherwise.

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