Fence mounted detection

Early warning of an intrusion attempt

Although perimeter fencing and gates provide a line of defence to a given site or premise, adding a Perimeter Intrusion Detection System (PIDS)  complements and greatly increases the overall effectiveness of the perimeter security. Protect and secure your site with Heras’ fence-mounted PIDS.

Heras offers an innovative range of PIDS products which are designed to be used on virtually any type of fence. The highly sensitive microphonic sensor cables (GeoMic) can detect many types of intrusion attempt, from filing and cutting to climbing.

The benefits of having a Heras PIDS include:

  • An early warning of an intrusion attempt
  • Enables a more timely security response
  • Seamless integration with your SMS (Security Management System) to enhance overall site security
  • Reduce the costs of your onsite security resources
  • Peace of mind

Microphonic System (GeoMic)

The GeoMic detection analysers are used in conjunction with the Alpha sensor cable and offers an extremely reliable Perimeter Intrusion Detection System (PIDS).[...]

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Alpha cable

The Alpha sensor cable is the core of Heras’ Microphonic PIDS systems, designed for enhanced perimeter security.

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The CentrAlert perimeter intrusion detection rack offers an extremely accurate solution for cut, climb, hacksaw and lift detection on chain link and semi-rigid[...]

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The Eliminator detection analyser offers an extremely reliable solution for cut, climb and lift detection on chain link, weld mesh and palisade fencing.

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Micralert HS

Micralert HS: the High Security PIDS analyser with cyber protection for high security locations such as airports, prisons, utilities, and government sites.

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Why invest in a Perimeter Intrusion Detection System (PIDS)

A PIDS enhances the security of your site by giving an early warning alarm to an intrusion attempt. By combining a PIDS with your fence, entrance and access control, you create a dependable, total perimeter protection solution.

Upon an intrusion attempt, the system picks up signals from the fence, then the associated hardware analyses these and determines the nature and validity of the intrusion. Upon a confirmed intrusion attempt, the system will then produce the appropriate output to the alarm system. This early warning gives the security team more time to respond to the intrusion attempt.

The system is optimised to minimise false alarms and to ignore most weather effects and background noise events, such as traffic, which can cause unwanted alarms. Our fence-mounted dectection solutions are designed to seamlessly integrate into the front-end security management system (SMS) and the other security components on site. With many configurable features, the detection systems will enhance the overall security system operation and functionality.

Finding the right solution

As the needs of the security sector evolves, Heras have taken advantage of the latest technology to innovate and provide ‘the next generation’ of market leading Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems. The latest range of fence and wall detection products, offer a level of sophistication that not only responds to todays security challenges, but has the ability to adapt to meet changing requirements. Furthermore the GeoMic and GeoPro ranges enable Heras to offer an enhanced level of technical support, providing a superior level of service to customers.

The first generation of fence and wall detection systems previously offered by Heras were known as the Geoquip product range. The new GeoMic range, using microphonic technology, offers a direct update of the existing Geoquip products but with more efficient and technologically advanced electronics and functionality. The GeoPoint range utilises point sensor technology to give even more accurate detection and flexible zoning options.

Each and every location has individual site-specific security requirements and environmental conditions. By understanding the bespoke needs, Heras will discuss and advise on the most appropriate solution.

Service and Maintenance

The continuity of your business is our top priority. Once your bespoke security system is installed, it is equally important to protect and maintain this investment. Offering a full end-to-end service package Heras has designed the service solutions in order to provide you with optimum protection.

These service solutions can also be customised. The benefits of having a service and maintenance package with Heras are:

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