Fence mounted detection

Early warning of an intrusion attempt

Heras fence mounted detection systems offer a practical and efficient solution for prompt detection of unauthorised access, intrusion, burglary and vandalism attempts. Our modular and scalable solutions are easily installed on a new or existing fence to detect intruders and raise the alarm to your site, enabling security personnel or site managers to stage a quick intervention.

Diverse applications

Heras systems are effective in a diverse range of applications from Government sites, Critical National Infrastructure (CNI) sites and commercial/industrial areas.

Methods of fence mounted detection

Heras provide the following options for fence based perimeter detection needs:

Purpose made solutions to match your requirements

Heras fencing detection systems fully integrate into your security system, new or existing. Data connections can be made to an existing security management systems, surveillance cameras (CCTV or COS) and alarm systems (burglar alarms, fire alarms and others). Access control systems on gates or other entrances can provide verification of alarms or discreetly send alarms to warn control centres of intrusion attempts.

Get in touch with us to discuss our full integration offering of detection devices, camera systems, access solutions with new or existing demarcation and entrance control systems that can be configured to your requirements.

How much does detection cost?

Heras can provide a full solution. Our experts can calculate the cost of detection systems in conjunction with our other perimeter products. You can request a quote from us at any time.

Microphonic detection

Fence mounted microphonic PIDs system is an electronic sensor system which detects unauthorised access utilising acoustic technology to activate the alarm.

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Shock detection

A fence mounted shock detection PIDs system which detects intrusion attempts utilising 3D accelerometer technology which then activate an alarm.

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