Micralert HS

High Security CPNI and CAPSS approved PIDS analyser

A High Security CPNI and CAPSS approved PIDS analyser offering:

  • Cyber protection utilising TLS 1.2 and AES 128 bit encryption
  • Two or four independent detection zones with configurable outputs for (pre)alarm, tamper, and fault conditions. Each zone has three independent signal processing channels (cut, climb, hacksaw)
  • Four dry contact monitoring inputs for additional detection systems
  • Eight output relays for general purpose switching

When used in conjuntion with the Geolog Vision HS detection management interface it can be monitored and operated by the Geolog Vison HS software remotely via an encrypted TCP/IP Ethernet connection. This interface is password- protected for critical parameters such as sensitivity, event counts, and timers (can also be programmed to operate the dry contact relay outputs).

Micralert HS: the High Security PIDS analyser with cyber protection for high security locations such as airports, prisons, utilities, and government sites

  • Cyber security over a fully encrypted TCP/IP network
  • Up to 4 detection zones (each maximum 200 meters)
  • Simple IP interface for remote configuration
  • CPNI rated product: Approved for UK Government use, for details contact CPNI
  • CAPSS compiant: Approved for UK Government use, for details contact CPNI

The Alpha sensor cable

The Alpha sensor cable is the core of Heras’ Microphonic PIDS systems, designed for enhanced perimeter security. The optimum product for CNI and high security locations when used with GeoMic analysers.

Experts in perimeter protection

Physical perimeter protection is best explained as systems and technologies designed to protect people and assets within a defined area by preventing unauthorised physical intrusions.

The primary defense is the perimeter boundary for which we designed the Heras Security Model. This model serves 5 goals: to demarcate the boundary of the premises, to deter, delay and detect unwanted intrusion and to deny access for unauthorised parties.

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