Noise barriers

The number one protection against noise and privacy infringement, plus intruder threats.

Our revolutionary noise barriers are a potential solution for everyone who is concerned with future and current environmental developments – the Noise reducer. The noise isolation and absorption values offer a robust noise barrier that caters for the most varied situations in our busy and crowded living space. The noise reduction wall also protects your privacy and safety by creating a site perimeter and a barrier against intruders. The noise reduction wall is available in two versions: the Noise reducer and the Noise reducer HA.

Noise intrusion is a constant issue for most densely populated countries. This can be caused by a number of things: children playing, industry, agriculture, heavy machinery, rail and road traffic.

Noise is not only detrimental to residential and industrial environments, but in some cases even to personal health and welfare. The Noise reducer is the solution. These highly effective insulation walls protect you from noise and intruders, but also guarantee your privacy.

Durable and environment-friendly

Because durable materials are used, the core of the Noise reducer is completely recyclable. This also contributes to an extremely long system life expectancy: more than 25 years. Designed as a green wall, they effectively filter dust particles and the CO2 level in the air, contributing to a better air quality.

Noise reducer

The Noise reducer is an effective sound wall with high noise insulation and absorption properties. With their light weight, small footprint and easily installed[...]

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Noise reducer HA

The Noise reducer HA is an extremely effective sound wall with very high noise insulation and absorption properties. The product is ideal for protecting residential[...]

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The Noise reducer is easy to install because of its pre-fabricated building elements. Depending on their type and dimensions, the panels are mounted between I or H-form galvanized posts (type IPE of HPE). The panel frames are then attached seamlessly with self tapping screws to the pre-bored posts.

Foliage and maintenance

To enhance the visual impact of the wall, it is possible to add foliage to the noise insulating wall. The roots of many types of climbing plants can attach themselves very successfully to the Noise reducer. This means the panel is quickly covered in foliage. If no foliage is added, the noise reducing walls are completely maintenance free.

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Noise Reducer

The Noise reducer is a light and effective sound insulation wall with extremely good noise insulation and absorption. The wall protects against noise disturbance from road traffic and leisure activities, but also against noise from ventilation systems, heat exchangers or generators in residential and business locations. The Noise reducer has a small footprint that takes up a minimum of building space. The cleverly designed sandwich construction is made of PE-netting, a centre of noise absorbing mineral wool, and a built-in noise reducing steel plate. This plate is firmly embedded in the construction using a galvanized steel frame.

Noise Reducer HA

This is an extra-strength version of the Noise reducer, with a larger build height and more noise reducing capacity than the normal version. The Noise reducer HA has a double layer of noise absorbing mineral wool. This version is ideally suitable for protecting public areas that border on busy roads and highways, playgrounds, sport fields, production sites or industrial plants. Two layers of mineral wool with an attached steel plate in the middle form the core of this noise absorbing element. The strong noise absorption of the HA element is attributed to the sandwich-like construction of the individual components. A galvanized steel frame holds the complete construction firmly in place.