Noise barriers

Prevent noise nuisance, protect your privacy, and deter intruders

Protect your peace, quiet, and privacy with noise barriers

Living and working in noisy environments raises your stress levels, and can even impact the health of your family, colleagues, and customers. Yet in densely populated countries, noise can seem inescapable—from children in the playground to traffic, construction and heavy machinery.

Noise control barriers can help restore your tranquillity. While there’s no such thing as a completely sound-proof fence, Heras acoustic barriers provide outstanding noise isolation and noise absorption to insulate your premises from external noise—as well as protecting your privacy and securing your perimeter.

Noise reducer

The Noise reducer is an effective sound wall with high noise insulation and absorption properties. With their light weight, small footprint and easily installed[...]

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Noise reducer HA

The Noise reducer HA is an extremely effective sound wall with very high noise insulation and absorption properties. The product is ideal for protecting residential[...]

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Why should I choose acoustic fencing?

If you’re interested in noise reduction, you clearly care about the wellbeing of the people who live in, work at, or visit your premises. Noise barriers can be designed to do more than just minimise noise—they can help you create a healthier, more sustainable built environment.

Noise barriers that improve air quality

By choosing noise barriers from Heras, you can easily create a green wall. The surfaces of the panels are plant-friendly, so you can cover them with climbing plants or other decorative vegetation. This provides an effective filter for dust particles and carbon dioxide and contributes to better air quality.

Noise barriers that protect the environment

Our noise control barriers are built from durable materials, giving them an extremely long life expectancy of more than 25 years. The core of the noise reducer is also completely recyclable, helping you to minimise environmental impact.

Noise barriers that save space

Our noise barriers are built from lightweight, small-footprint acoustic fencing panels that isolate your premises from external noise much more effectively than traditional walls or fences and take up a fraction of the space.

What types of noise control barriers are available?

All our noise barriers are built with a cleverly designed sandwich construction, which uses layers of polyethylene mesh, noise-absorbing mineral wool, and a noise-reducing steel plate, all held in place by a galvanised steel frame.

Noise Reducer acoustic fencing

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Noise barriers that meet industry standards

Our noise control barriers have been tested in laboratory conditions to ensure that their noise insulation and absorption properties meet all relevant British and European standards.

Sound insulation of acoustic fencing

Both Noise Reducer and Noise Reducer HA have been rated as providing sound insulation of up to 30 decibels, conforming with group B3 of the DIN EN 1793-2 standard for road traffic noise reducing devices.

Sound absorption of acoustic fencing

Noise Reducer provides sound absorption of up to 8 decibels, while Noise Reducer HA absorbs up to 11 decibels. Both conform with group A3 of the DIN EN 1793-1 standard for road traffic noise reducing devices.

How much do noise barriers cost?

Noise barriers can be a low-cost solution, and we can tailor our quote to your size, space, security and privacy requirements. Request your quote from our sales team today.

How to install, service and maintain noise barriers

If your noise barriers are built from prefabricated components, you’ll find them quick and easy to install. Simply mount the panels between I or H-form galvanized posts and attach them seamlessly with self-tapping screws. At Heras, we also offer expert and safe installation services across all of our solutions for an end-to-end service.

How to buy noise control barriers

We have offices across the UK and can provide our services nationwide. Set up a free consultation with one of our advisors today to find out how Heras acoustic fencing can help you maintain your peace and privacy at a price that’s right for you.

Go further with acoustic fencing

You can combine noise barriers with other types of fencing, gates, and security systems to build a whole-site solution that meets your unique needs. Contact us online to explore our full range of security solutions.