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Noise barrier: Noise reducer HA

  • Product Information

    The Noise reducer HA is an extremely effective sound wall with very high noise insulation and absorption properties.

    Panel sound insulation 30 dB (group B3 conform DIN EN 1793-1) Tested in laboratory conditions
    Panel sound absorption 11 dB (group A4 conform DIN EN 1793-1) Tested in laboratory conditions

     The cleverly designed sandwich construction contains:

    • A layer of noise absorbent mineral wool
    • A thin metal plate in the centre for extra noise insulation
    • A second layer of noise absorbent mineral wool
    • All encased in a steel u-profile frame with a galvanised steel wire-net (front and back) and HDPE windshield

    Due to the barrier’s small footprint and easily installed pre-fabricated format, the product is ideal for protecting residential areas, offices, shops and schools from busy roads, factories and noisy industries. The solid construction means the panels can be stacked on top of each other to heights up to 6 metres, whereas the Noise reducer can reach a maximum of 3 metres.

    Because durable materials are used, the core of the Noise reducer is completely recyclable. This also contributes to an extremely long system life expectancy: more than 25 years. Designed as a green wall, the Noise reducer is covered with plants, they effectively filter dust particles and the CO2 level in the air, contributing to a  better air quality.


  • Downloads

    Installation Manual Noice reducer