Noise barrier: Noise reducer

Strong intrusion deterrent

The Noise reducer is an effective sound wall with high noise insulation and absorption properties:

  • Panel sound insulation 30 dB (group B3 conform DIN EN 1793-2) Tested in laboratory conditions.
  • Panel sound absorption 8 dB (group A3 conform DIN EN 1793-1)_Tested in laboratory conditions.

The cleverly designed sandwich construction contains:

  • A layer of noise absorbent mineral wool.
  • A thin metal plate for extra noise insulation.
  • All encased in a steel U-profile frame with galvanised steel wire-netting surround and HDPE windshield.

With their light weight, small footprint and easily installed pre-fabricated format, these barriers are ideal for busy roads, school playgrounds, and surrounding loud installations such as air conditioning units or transformers. The plant-friendly surfaces of the panels can easily be covered with climbing plants or other decorative vegetation for natural blending into most surroundings.

Because durable materials are used, the core of the Noise reducer is completely recyclable. This also contributes to an extremely long system life expectancy: more than 25 years. Designed as a green wall, they effectively filter dust particles and the CO2 level in the air, contributing to a  better air quality.

The Noise reducer is a light and effective sound insulation wall with extremely good noise insulation and absorption.

The wall protects against noise disturbance from road traffic and leisure activities, but also against noise from ventilation systems, heat exchangers or generators in residential and business locations. The Noise reducer has a small footprint that takes up a minimum of building space.

Fences with the longevity of a house. You can be confident that they will still protect your site year after year. Thanks to a specialised galvanizing process, our fencing is resilient against atmospheric corrosion / rust formation, free from sharp edges, and has greatly improved protection against surface damage. This process is more environmentally friendly, without compromising on quality.

Why choose a pre-galvanized fence?

  • Smooth surface, no unevenness
  • Pleasing to the eye
  • Lower purchase price
  • Sustainable alternative
  • Powerful protection


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