to protect property and mark boundaries

Security railing gates and systems are designed to mark boundaries, keep people and property safe and secure, and deter unauthorised people and vehicles – no matter the size or purpose of a site.

Heras offers an extensive range of solutions for any environment or purpose – from residential, to schools, public parks and playgrounds through to corporate offices and government buildings.

How can railings protect your property?

Customers of all kinds benefit from railings. They allow commercial properties, educational campuses, and car parking areas to protect people and premises safe, reduce the risk of intrusion, deter trespassers and create boundaries.

Why choose Heras railings to protect property and mark boundaries?

Heras’ railing systems are eco-friendly and provide optimum safety and security, outstanding reliability and strength, and unmatched versatility. These types of fences are designed for commercial locations where image is important but the need for at least a medium level of boundary security is required.

One of the fastest growing systems for this type of location is Heras’ self-raking railings, which offer a modern design that is uniquely assembled after colour coating. This allows the customer to have multi-colour components to a single panel so that the fence appearance matches corporate colours and logos, or is visually appealing for use in playgrounds.

Tangorail TR800 bow top railings (RoSPA)

The Tangorail TR800 Playground Railing systems is made from vertical tubular bars with horizontal rails, manufactured to RoSPA guidelines.

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Tangorail TR100 capped railings

The Tangorail TR100 is ideal for typical boundary demarcation. The TR100 features capped heads on each bar to provide security, style and safety in equal measure. [...]

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Railings that are easy to install

All panels are manufactured by Heras and pre-assembled and simply bolt into place on site for fast, cost effective and reliable installation. Tangorails are self-raking so panels can follow the ground contours to for ease of installation, attractive aesthetics and optimum security.

To make life easy for customers, Heras offers expert and safe installation services across all its solutions.

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Railings that are customised every time

Customers can choose colours to complement the landscape and surrounding areas.

Environmentally conscious railings

Heras manufacturers all of its products. They are built with less material, fast to manufacture, designed to limit wastage, and have minimal impact on habitats, making them more environmentally friendly and cost effective.

Meeting industry standards

All Heras Tangorail fencing and gates conform to UK Building Regulations for anti-trap, with a 100mm gap as standard, so organisations specify Heras UK fencing for any application without public safety concerns.

Heras’ Tangorail Playground Bow Top fencing meet BS EN 1176 safety standards, making it ideal for environments where children may be present, such as schools, play areas, playgrounds and parks. These safe systems ensure there are no areas for entrapment such as head, neck or finger.

How much do railings cost?

The panels are costed per meter, and customers often say prices are surprisingly low for the trusted Heras quality.

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A range of additional products and features can complement a fencing system for enhanced security, including automatic gates, entrance control, detection systems and cameras.

Reference case

Bespoke perimeter protection at newly renovated Chichester Free School
Chichester Free School needed a robust perimeter protection system to keep students and staff safe and secure, and that blended in with the school’s design – a converted mid-18th Century convent in a rural setting. Heras’ solution included a secure 2.4 meter high outer boundary built using Tangorail self-raking systems, which follow the ground contours and provide optimum site safety and security. The solution prevents students running out into the road and blends into the school’s beautiful surroundings as much as possible.
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