Prevent unwanted access with strong and stylish bar fencing

Marking your perimeter with metal railings

Whatever type of site you manage, it’s important to establish boundaries that clearly communicate your access and security policies. Metal railings provide a visually attractive way to mark your perimeter, protect your people and property, and deter trespassers and intruders.

Why should I choose metal railing fences?

You can use this type of fencing to meet the demarcation and security needs of all kinds of public and private premises—from commercial properties and car parks to university campuses and playgrounds. With a host of options for height, colour, and safety features, you can always find a solution to fit your unique requirements.

Tangorail TR800 bow top railings (RoSPA)

The Tangorail TR800 Playground Railing systems is made from vertical tubular bars with horizontal rails, manufactured to RoSPA guidelines.

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Tangorail TR100 capped railings

The Tangorail TR100 is ideal for typical boundary demarcation. The TR100 features capped heads on each bar to provide security, style and safety in equal measure. [...]

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Fencing that fits your contours

The best modern designs self-raking, which means that each panel can pivot to fit the contours of the ground beneath it. A self-raking fence eliminates any need for custom panels and minimises gaps between the bottom of the fence and the ground. This improves aesthetics and boosts security.

Fencing that expresses your brand

These fences can be colour-coated before assembly, which means you can have multiple colours in each fence panel. This greatly enhances visual impact—allowing you to match your fencing to your corporate colours, for example, or create a visually appealing environment for school playgrounds.

What types of metal railing fences are available?

You can use these fences to serve many purposes, from protecting children at play to deterring intruders, preventing unauthorised vehicle access, or simply marking a boundary. Whatever your use case, you can find a solution that will meet your needs.

Tangorail metal railings

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Fencing that meets industry standards

We systematically test our fencing for conformance with appropriate UK standards. This means you can be confident that your new fence won’t create any public safety concerns.

UK Building Regulations for safety railings

All Heras Tangorail fences and gates conform to UK Building Regulations, which state that a sphere of 100mm diameter must not be able to pass through any gap. This protects against the risk of a child’s head becoming trapped in any part of the fencing system.

BSI standards for metal railings

Tangorail’s bow-topped design meets the British Standards Institute’s BS EN 1176 standards for playground fencing, with protections against entrapment and rounded edges to protect against injuries.

RoSPA guidance for playground railings

Tangorail bow-top fencing is designed to comply with the Royal Society for Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) guidance on fencing for children’s play areas—in particular, to prevent entrapment, avoid the use of sharp or projecting fittings, and eliminate gaps between the fence and the ground, especially on sloping sites.

How much do metal railing fences cost?

Railing fences can be a low-cost solution, and we can tailor our quote to your size, colour, design, and security requirements. Request your quote from our sales team today.

Customer spotlight

As Chichester Free School prepared to welcome students to its new campus, it wanted a top-class perimeter protection solution to keep its pupils and its property safe. Working with Heras, the school installed a bespoke solution that combines Tangorail safety railings and gates with Heras welded mesh fencing. Read the full story here.

How to install, service and maintain metal railing fences

Our fences are easy to install thanks to their non-welded, self-raking design and the unique lock fitting that makes it simple to attach panels to posts. As a result, pre-assembled panels can be bolted into place quickly, safely, and cost-effectively. Moreover, to make life even easier, we offer expert and safe installation services across all of our solutions—giving you an end-to-end service.

How to buy metal railings

We have offices across the UK and can provide our services nationwide. Set up a free consultation with one of our advisors today to find out how our fences can help protect your premises, people, and property at a price that’s right for you.

Go further with metal railings

For additional security and safety, you can easily augment our fences with automatic gates, entrance control, detection systems and cameras. Contact us online to explore our full range of security solutions.