Free space detection

Early warning of an intrusion attempt

Heras offer a range of electronic devices and systems that protect open spaces within a perimeter. These are deployed as an additional layer of security to work with our fencing solutions in conjunction with our Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems (PIDS) and  systems which increase the overall protection level of our customer site.

Diverse applications

Featuring technologies and products noted below we are confident we have the portfolio of products to match any application, whether it is protecting a listed building or a warehouse full of high value items.

Methods of free space detection

Heras provide the following free space perimeter detection options:


Microwave barriers

Microwave barriers generate a radio frequency field which create an invisible detection zone which sets off an alarm as soon as a person tries to move between the[...]

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Laser detection

The Laser detection system is a surveying method that works by illuminating the target with laser light and measuring the reflected light with a sensor.

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Purpose made solutions to match your requirements

By utilising multiple technologies this increases the chances of detection and lowers the false alarm rate in conjunction with the powerful logic capabilities of the Security Management Systems (SMS) to use a ‘double knock’ system. For example if one alarm system goes off there is a low priority alarm, but if 2 systems go off within a defined time frame this creates a high priority alarm.

Integration possibilities

Free space detection products are most effective at performing their main functions when used as part of a cohesive solution. Heras experts can help you implement a software management platform to collate all of the different aspects of security into one intuitive package.

How much does detection cost?

Heras can provide a full solution. Our experts can calculate the cost of detection systems alongside other perimeter products. You can request a quote from us at any time.

Find out more about perimeter security

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