Heras ISE 2021

Customer Experience Center

In our Experience Center in Little Eaton near Derby, we demonstrate our solutions for the physical protection of your perimeter following our Heras Security Model: demarcate, deter, detect, delay and deny unauthorized access. This methodology combines the most effective protection strategies in a seamless way, forming a reliable and layered protection of your perimeter.

Before implementing new perimeter security (or modifying an existing perimeter), our Heras experts will advise you how to best combat potential risks. This advice includes checking all local environmental and geographical constraints to ensure an effective solution. We pride ourselves as specialists in identifying and delivering the perfectly implemented perimeter protection solution.

Always remember that physical security measures are only part of an effective perimeter protection solution. They must be implemented to effectively support organisational processes for security and site operation. Our solutions ensure that internal teams and support agencies (such as police) can best respond to incidents.

We are happy to inform you about the possibilities and together we will investigate what your security needs are. Make an appointment with one of our experts today.


Customer Experience Center
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3 & 4 Duffield Road Industrial Estate
Little Eaton
Derby DE21 5EG