Conformité Européenne

In accordance with European directives

Automated swing or sliding gate installations are usually large heavy devices with large automated moving elements. With many vehicles and people utilising these gates and barriers every day it is imperative that all installations meet the updated European safety requirements and have a valid CE mark.

Demonstrably safe product

CE stands for Conformité Européenne, or “in accordance with European directives“. CE marking is legally required for products such as swing and sliding gates that are sold on the European market.

By affixing a CE mark to our product, we are stating that we comply with all of the essential European safety, health and environmental protection requirements that are set for our product. When you as a customer purchase a product with a CE mark, you can therefore be assured that you are buying a safe product.

Burden of proof for damage claims

A CE mark is a declaration of safety. It therefore also serves as a burden of proof in damage claims. However, the marking does not say anything about the quality of the installation. There are other guidelines for manufacturers for determining quality.

Tightened CE Standards

The safety requirements for CE certification became more stringent from late 2021. The main purpose of this is to increase safety levels and help further reduce the number of accidents in the future. Swing, sliding and bi-folding gates will need to meet these new safety requirements. This does not mean, however, that existing gates with current CE marking are suddenly unsafe.

Heras products comply with the stricter CE marking requirements. Read more about the changes to our products, the essence of a safe gate, what you can do now and how security installations will be fully CE marked in our stories:

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Frequently Asked Questions
Tightened CE mark end 2021

Will gates that are already installed become unsafe?

Existing CE-marked gates are still perfectly safe if they are maintained according to protocol. Modifying the gates is not mandatory but recommended.

Can already installed gates be modified?

Gates that have been delivered before the new standards came into force (end of 2021) must comply with the standard in force at that time. Should a gate be damaged and need to be repaired this can be done according to the old standards. Spare parts for modified products, such as an old-style drive, are also available through service.

Am I responsible for the safety of gates?

As the owner, you are responsible for the maintenance and keeping the installation safe. In practice, we often notice that owners are not aware of this. As a result, a gate only receives maintenance when the gate no longer works or, even worse, has caused an unsafe situation.

Why do I need service and maintenance?

A gate often stands on your site for decades, and is subject to wear and tear due to the many movements and influences from outside. The sooner you start servicing your gate, the more you will extend its service life. Because a mechanic regularly checks your door, you also reduce the risk of malfunctions and unsafe situations.

UKCA marking replaces CE

The UKCA (UK Conformity Assessed) marking is a new UK product marking that is used for goods being placed on the market in Great Britain (England, Wales and Scotland). It covers most goods which previously required the CE marking, known as ‘new approach’ goods. The UKCA marking came into effect on 1 January 2021. However, manufactures are able to use the CE marking until 1 January 2023.

On this webpage you can download the UKCA DoP and DoC documents for our products already.

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