Swing gates

Safe and controlled access to your premises

A Heras swing gate is an excellent way to control access , safely, into your site or building/s. By seamlessly integrating into the fenceline they are aesthetically pleasing as well as functional and robust. With uncompromising quality, sustainability and attractive pricing our swing gates are designed and installed to meet your needs and expectations.

Swing gates for many applications

A swing gate is ideal for many applications such as commercial buildings, educational institutions, parking garages and sports clubs.

Different swing gates

There are various types of swing gates, in both manual and electrically  powered/controlled formats . The Heras range includes:

Swing gate Euro 2

The Euro 2 is a versatile swing gate that provides round-the-clock security and controlled access to your premises.

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Swing gate B300

The B300 automated swing gate, available in single or double leaf orientation, is a complete entrance control solution for office buildings, schools, commercial and[...]

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B201 SR Gate

The B201 security rated swing gate complements the A1 SR rated fencing system

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B203 SR Gate

The B203 security rated swing gate complements the B3 SR rated fencing system

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Quantum Playsafe Gate

The Quantum Playsafe gate is a versatile and secure entrance control solution, designed as part of the Heras Tangorail TR800 Play safe system.

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What do swing gates cost?

We are happy to specify and calculate the costs of a swing gate for you. Please request a quote at your convenience.

More than a swing gate?

Swing gates form an integral part of a perimeter solution. But Heras offers much more. We also develop and install integrated security solutions for the security of associated areas and buildings within the perimeter. In doing so, we fully integrate and enhance the fencing as part of the overall design and operation of the security system by also including detection, camera systems, access control and gates that can be operated electronically or manually.

Service Options from Heras

A swing gate that no longer opens or closes leads to inconvenience and annoyance. To prevent this, Heras offers service solutions that keep your product working in optimal condition. Our bespoke service solutions reduce the risk of failures, unsafe conditions and unexpected costs. Click here for more information about our service solutions.

Want to know more about swing gates?

Would you like some bespoke security advice? Please contact a Heras regional office in your area. We also have a fully functional Experience Center in both the UK and the Netherlands in which we can demonstrate the benefits of using our products and solutions. Our security experts will be happy to discuss your requirements and give a presentation and recommendation of what can be achieved.

Heras: the experts in perimeter protection

The European CE Standards for Automated Gate installations are revised and tightened

The safety requirements for CE certification became more stringent from 2022. The main purpose of these more stringent requirements is to increase safety levels and help further reduce the number of accidents in the future.

Heras products apply to the tightened CE-marking. So what is a CE mark? And what do the stricter requirements mean?

Experts in perimeter protection

Physical perimeter protection is best explained as systems and technologies designed to protect people and assets within a defined area by preventing unauthorised physical intrusions.

The primary defense is the perimeter boundary for which we designed the Heras Security Model. This model serves 5 goals: to demarcate the boundary of the premises, to deter, delay and detect unwanted intrusion and to deny access for unauthorised parties.

Heras has successfully met and exceeded customer safety and security needs across Europe for almost 70 years. It is this track record, combined with the ever-developing skill set of our personnel that enables us to say that we are the Experts in perimeter protection.

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