B201 A1 Security Rated Swing Gates

security rated swing gate complements the A1 SR rated fencing system

The B201 security rated swing gate complements the A1 SR rated fencing system and offers the same protection as the fence line. The gate has been tested and accredited for A1 security rating and withstands an attack for 1 minute with tools like crowbar, screwdriver, plier etc.
These swing gates are available in a wide range of heights up to 4.2m and widths from 1.2m to 10m. Available in single or
double leaf and with a double skin Zenith 358 mesh infill.

The swing gate is equipped with adjustable security hinges which prevent the gate from being lifted at any point. All gates are fitted with a fall arrestor system to comply with the latest safety requirements.
Further security can be added with anti-climb devices such as spikes or razor/ barbed wire. Other system integration options include a range of detection systems and access control.

All gates are anti-corrosion treated, being galvanised and powder coated to a choice of BS or RAL colours. Special finishes are available to ensure suitability for harsh environmental conditions.

  • Sealed bearing safety hinges
  • Available in single and double leaf
  • Easily integrated with access control and increased security options
  • Available in various infills (bar, mesh, palisade)
  • Safety edges and photocells fitted as standard

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