High security barriers to control vehicle access

Entrance Control Traffic Barriers are widely applicable where regulating traffic flow and monitoring vehicle access is important. They provide controlled vehicle entry to commercial buildings, air and seaports, transportation and distribution sites, car parks and other properties with high-volume traffic flow, as well as providing resistance to attacks when Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM) may be required.

Why choose Heras barriers control vehicle access?

Heras vehicle barriers are secure, robust and reliable. They open and close rapidly and can span an entranceway of up to seventeen meters, allowing for wide vehicle access while mitigating against intrusion, vandalism and vehicle attack.

In some cases, Heras customers have benefitted from reduced operational costs and increased efficiencies following installation of traffic barriers, when incorporated with intelligent access control solutions, especially where there are highly complex logistics and distribution operational requirements.

Which Heras barriers securely control vehicle access?

Heras Barriers use reliable electro-hydraulic or electro-mechanical operation and are ideally suited to cover many installation requirements from basic car park applications B411 and Saros, to higher-risk unsupervised sites B420 and high-level security applications B94x. All our barriers offer proven performance for the highest continuous use in industrial, commercial or military applications.

Barrier B420

The B420 heavy-duty arm barrier has the added benefit of a very strong, full height anti-pedestrian skirt both above and below the barrier arm.

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Barrier B411

The B411 barrier is well suited to unsupervised or vandal prone sites. An electro-hydraulic barrier with strong and efficient operation.

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Barrier Saros

The Saros barrier has a robust internal frame and the aesthetics that are well suited for use in commercial car parks and industrial site entrances.

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Barrier 94x-series

The 94x series is a range of heavy-duty, vandal resistant dual beam barriers which have been crash tested to PAS 68. The 94x series is scalable, offering the[...]

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Barriers can be customised and are easy to install

For customers needing enhanced security, an anti-pedestrian skirt can be fitted, and LED lighting, electromechanical arm lock or fixed or hinged safety posts can be added too, depending on each customer’s situation and security requirements. Customers can choose the colour of the housing, hood and panels.

Heras security products are made to order, and can provide expert and safe installation services for ease and peace of mind.

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Heras barriers meet industry standards

Heras traffic barriers meet the necessary industry standards and certification, and higher security models are crash tested (including PAS 68 and LPS 1175) to protect against vehicle attack.

LPS security ratings are important because they show how effective a perimeter protection solution is at delaying an attack. Approval is tested and awarded by The Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB) and is recognised by governments and regulatory authorities globally. Accredited products provide proven, demonstrable protection which is recognised by insurance companies through reduced premium costs.

Environmentally conscious barriers

For sustainability, Heras’ electric barriers boast low energy consumption, but still have sufficient power for fast opening and closing required at medium and high-risk sites.

How much do barriers cost?

Each is tailored to specific site requirements and so is costed individually. Heras believes its prices are always competitive and affordable.

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Barriers form the basis of good perimeter protection. They can be integrated with other outdoor security measures such as detection and camera systems and access control products to create a sophisticated security solution to meet every customer’s needs.

One example would be to combine a barrier and a speed gate to create a lock process adapted to the highest security level, by preventing multiple unauthorised vehicles from simultaneously breaching the site.

Reference Case

Entrance control solution to improve logistical efficiency
One of the UK’s leading grocery retailers, turned to Heras to develop a secure perimeter protection system that would allow efficient control of vehicles flowing through its distribution centres. Part of the integrated solution was to install barriers at dedicated separation lanes to ensure automated and speedy flow of the retailer’s own vehicles while reducing demands upon gatehouse and traffic staff. The future-proofed concept enabled the retailer to make its delivery operations more secure and effective, while significantly streamlining operations at its distribution centres.
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