Mesh fencing

for demarcation and crime prevention

Perimeter protection starts with demarcation, defining the boundary of the premises. Mesh fencing panels mark perimeters, and act as an effective form of crime prevention protecting against vandalism, climbing, forced entry and terror attacks.

How does mesh fencing prevent crime?

Heras’ metal mesh fencing panels are built using robust materials that are anti-climb and anti-vandalism to protect high security sites and critical assets by resisting and significantly delaying a sustained assault.

Why choose Heras mesh fencing to mark a boundary and prevent crime?

Mesh fences benefit customers by creating a demarcation barrier around a perimeter that deters opportunist attacks.

Welded options have been  designed to meet any level of security requirement, helping today’s  businesses, industries and communities meet their increasingly complex and demanding security needs.

These security fences also prevent wildlife such as rabbits, badgers and foxes burrowing under the fence and gaining access. This is especially important for utilities organisations where animal intrusion could interrupt supply and have far reaching social and economic consequences. For example, if an animal enters a water plant and drowns, it could contaminate drinking water; or rodents gnawing electricity or gas cables could interrupt critical IT infrastructure, resulting in a loss of systems. Heras’ Zenith range prevents all known indigenous UK species of wild animal from gaining entry.

Mesh fencing Zenith A1 (SR1)

Zenith A1 (SR1) is suitable for protecting large areas and premises as businesses, schools, hospitals and manufacturing sites against opportunistic attacks.

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Mesh fencing Zenith B3 (SR2)

Zenith B3 (SR2) is made up of two layers of steel mesh panels welded 90 degrees to each other to provide an extra safeguard against intrusion. It requires that the[...]

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Mesh fencing Zenith SR3

Zenith SR3 is a combination of A1 (SR1) and B3 (SR2), where a single skin fence is located just in front of a double skin fence creating a gap to resist and delay a[...]

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Mesh fencing Pallas

The Pallas mesh fencing system is a modern welded fence panel. Providing good see-through visibility will enhance its surroundings.

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Mesh fencing Triton

Triton is a modern welded mesh fencing system, ideal where security is required but without an oppressive and intimidating appearance.

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Mesh fencing Jupiter

The fence panel benefits from two different edges, one barbed and one flush with the option to be installed either way for added safety or security.

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What mesh fencing solutions does Heras offer?

Heras’ ultra-secure, durable mesh fences are available in different designs, widths, heights and materials – metal or steel – to meet every need. The range offers something suitable for different environments, from protecting businesses, schools, hospitals and manufacturing sites against opportunistic attack, through to preventing more sustained attacks on utility companies, nuclear power stations, airports, military sites, and oil and gas terminals. Steel mesh fencing is ideal for fencing in business parks, playgrounds and places with many passers-by.

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The range includes:

Mesh fences are customisable and easy to install

The fences can be enhanced with a range of security toppings such as barbed wire to provide an extra deterrent against attack. The metal fence panels are prefabricated and quick and easy to install. They have been designed to last for years and always deliver an aesthetically appealing end result.

Heras offers expert and safe installation services across all of its solutions for an end-to-end service.

Fencing that meets industry standards

The entire range has been rigorously tested to meet all applicable regulations and standards. For example, all Zenith fences have achieved Building Research Establishment Security Ratings (SR) and LPCB certification.

The Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB) approval is recognised by governments and regulatory authorities globally. It’s LPS ratings are important because they show how effective a perimeter protection solution is at delaying an attack. Accredited products provide proven, demonstrable protection which is recognised by insurance companies through reduced premium costs.

SR ratings show how well each product can resist different types of attack. SR1 prevents an opportunist attack by bodily force using minimal tools; SR2 prevents an attack with tools of a higher mechanical advantage; and SR3 prevents deliberate forced entry of protected premises using bodily force and a selection of tools (such as a crowbar or an axe).

How much do mesh fences cost?

The fences are low cost and quotes are tailored to each customer’s size and design requirements.

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Mesh fencing can form part of an even more robust security solution, and Heras offers complementary products such as Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems (PIDS) and entrance control systems to meet every need.

Reference case

Heras replaces Schiphol perimeter
Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport has selected Heras to replace and upgrade its perimeter security. Using over 30km of mesh fencing and other security solutions, Heras has, according to Siemensma, “developed a future-proof perimeter that complies with the latest laws and regulations. We work closely with all stakeholders and make sure we can perform the work quickly, efficiently and – above all – safely. Heras has proven it can manage sizeable projects like no other.”
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