Welded mesh fencing

Protect your perimeter with robust metal mesh panel fences

Protect your perimeter with mesh fencing

Keeping criminals, wildlife, and other unwanted intruders out of your premises is a top priority. Welded mesh fencing gives you the robust, cost-effective perimeter you need to protect against all types of vandalism and intrusion. Metal fence panels create a tough barrier that is almost impossible to climb over, burrow under, or penetrate through.

Why should I choose welded mesh fencing?

Metal fencing panels with a welded mesh can provide greater protection than traditional alternatives such as chain-link fencing. This can help you meet even the most complex and demanding security needs.

Mesh fencing Zenith A1 (SR1)

Zenith A1 (SR1) is suitable for protecting large areas and premises as businesses, schools, hospitals and manufacturing sites against opportunistic attacks.

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Mesh fencing Zenith B3 (SR2)

Zenith B3 (SR2) is made up of two layers of steel mesh panels welded 90 degrees to each other to provide an extra safeguard against intrusion. It requires that the[...]

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Mesh fencing Zenith SR3

Zenith SR3 is a combination of A1 (SR1) and B3 (SR2), where a single skin fence is located just in front of a double skin fence creating a gap to resist and delay a[...]

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Mesh fencing Pallas

The Pallas mesh fencing system is a modern welded fence panel. Providing good see-through visibility will enhance its surroundings.

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Mesh fencing Triton

Triton is a modern welded mesh fencing system, ideal where security is required but without an oppressive and intimidating appearance.

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Mesh fencing Jupiter

The fence panel benefits from two different edges, one barbed and one flush with the option to be installed either way for added safety or security.

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Mesh fencing prevents crime

Built from resilient materials, these fences are extremely difficult to cut through without specialist equipment. The mesh can also include anti-vandalism and anti-climb fencing features, similar to barbed wire fencing. As a result, your fence can resist and substantially delay even a sustained assault.

Mesh fencing deters wildlife

By extending your fences below ground level, you can prevent intruders from digging or animals from burrowing underneath it. Heras’ Zenith fences stop all known indigenous UK wildlife species from entering and damaging your property.

Mesh fencing reduces costs

Fence panels built from a welded mesh make maintenance simple and cost-effective. If repairs are needed, you can replace each metal fence panel individually. This is unlike chain-link fencing, where damage to a small section can require replacing the entire fence. Over the life of the fence, the savings you’ll make on maintenance costs can easily outweigh the initial investment.

What types of welded mesh fencing are available?

Your site could be an office, a school, or a hospital, or even a power station or military base. We can help you find the right solution to meet your needs.

At Heras, we offer ultra-secure, durable security fencing with a range of designs, dimensions, and materials. Our products provide a suitable level of protection for your premises, whether you are fencing off playground or securing a nuclear facility.

Zenith mesh fencing

Pallas mesh fencing

Pallas combines the transparency and versatility of chain-link fencing with the strength and appearance of bar fencing. Panels are available in heights ranging from 1000mm to 2430mm.

Triton mesh fencing

Triton provides heightened security while retaining an elegant and unobtrusive appearance. Barbed edges at the top and flush edges at the bottom are designed to create a robust anti-climb fencing solution.

Jupiter mesh fencing

Jupiter is also designed with barbed and flush edges, but its panels come in an extra-wide 3,000mm format. This reduces the number of posts that you need to install and provides a cost-effective anti-climb fencing solution.

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Security fencing that meets industry standards

It’s important to know that your welded mesh fencing has been rigorously tested to meet all applicable regulations and standards.

LPS ratings for welded mesh fencing

The Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB) LPS rating scheme assesses the effectiveness of perimeter protection solutions at delaying attacks. Insurers recognise that accredited products like Heras’ Zenith range provide proven protection. This is often reflected in reduced insurance premiums.

BRE ratings for welded mesh fencing

Building Research Establishment Security Ratings assess how well a product can resist different types of attack. Heras’ Zenith range provides a range of SR-rated options.

How much does welded mesh fencing cost?

Welded mesh fences can be a low-cost solution. We’ll tailor our quote to your size, design and security requirements. Request your quote from our sales team today.

Mesh fencing customer spotlight

Keadby 2 in North Lincolnshire is set to become the cleanest and most efficient gas-fired power station in Europe. It will also be one of the most secure. We have installed more than 600m of Heras Zenith SR1 fencing to protect the site’s perimeter and compounds. Read the full story here.

How to install, service and maintain mesh fencing

Welded mesh fences are customisable and easy to install, thanks to their simple panel-and-post design. Designed to last for years, they are cost-effective to maintain, since the metal fence panels can be replaced individually. Heras offers expert and safe installation services across all its solutions to give you an end-to-end service.

How to buy welded mesh fencing

We have offices across the UK and can provide our services nationwide. We can help protect your premises, people, and property at a price that’s right for you. Set up a free consultation with one of our advisors today.

Go further with welded mesh fencing

You can combine our fencing with complementary products such as perimeter intrusion detection systems (PIDS) and entrance control systems. This helps you create even more robust security. Contact us online to explore our full range of security solutions.