Protect the things you value with robust, durable fences

Welded mesh

Welded mesh fencing, built with robust, cost-effective metal fence panels, protects your site against all types of vandalism and intrusion.

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Metal railings give you an elegant way to mark boundaries and deter unauthorised access to your premises.

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Noise barriers

Acoustic fencing creates a noise barrier that preserves peace and quiet on your premises and protects your privacy.

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Mark your boundaries with security fencing

To protect the things you value, you need to define boundaries. The first step in keeping your people, your assets, and your premises safe is to create a perimeter fence around your property with security fencing.

The right boundary fence makes it easy to communicate your security and access policies to visitors, passers-by, and potential trespassers. An expert fencing supplier can help you establish the level of security your premises need.

Fence installations that send the right message

By choosing the right fence types, you can build a perimeter that expresses your intentions. Depending on a fence’s height, entry-points, and other physical attributes, it can act as:

  • A notification: “this is my property”
  • A warning: “please keep off the grass”
  • A command: “no entry”
  • A statement of fact: “this is a secure area”

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How can I choose the right fence types?

A good fencing supplier can help you find a boundary fence that’s perfect for your needs. For example, Heras fencing can offer a wide range of options across three main panel fence types:

What should I look for in a fencing supplier?

Secure perimeter fences

Your fencing supplier should help you design, install, and maintain security fencing that fits your perimeter protection goals—from unobtrusive railings and bollards to high fences with secure gates and road blockers.

Appropriate security fencing

You may want your boundary fences to blend in with the surroundings, or to stand out and send a message to potential intruders. Whatever your needs, your fencing supplier should be able to deliver a wide range of heights, colours, and designs to fit your unique requirements.

Cost-effective boundary fences

Your fencing supplier should be able to tailor their panel fences to your budget. For example, at Heras, we strive to keep the cost per meter as low as any other British fencing supplier. We provide an end-to-end service—from fencing design to fence installation—that makes our fencing affordable while guaranteeing Heras quality. Request your quote today.

Why should I choose Heras fencing?

As one of Europe’s leading fencing suppliers, we have been helping customers like you achieve their safety and security goals since 1952. Our experience and expertise led us to design the Heras Security Model, which serves to:

Our strong track record, combined with the ever-evolving skill set of our personnel, reinforces our status as the experts in high security fencing and fence installation.

British fencing customer spotlight

Learn how Rangers Football Club worked with Heras to upgrade the security fencing at its training ground mid-season—ensuring privacy and safety for players and spectators alike.

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