Defining the boundary of the premises

Welded mesh

Heras welded mesh fences mark boundaries and offer robust security protection against criminal attack for businesses, industries and communities. Heras’ metal mesh[...]

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Heras welded mesh fences mark boundaries and offer robust security protection against criminal attack for businesses, industries and communities.

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Noise barriers

Noise barriers are the number one protection against noise and privacy infringement, plus intruder threats. Our revolutionary noise barriers are a potential solution[...]

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Heras fencing as a basis for security

Fencing is used to prevent access to an area and is therefore the basis for good physical security. Effective fencing makes it difficult or even impossible for unauthorized persons to gain access.

Heras fencing for all applications

Fences come in many shapes and sizes. Some fences mainly represent a symbolic partition. Others have a deterrent and dissuasive effect. With our extensive range of fencing and access solutions, we offer companies, government and associations a suitable solution for every specific situation.

Heras extensive range of fences includes the following solutions:

How to choose the right Heras fence

The right level of security

Depending on your situation, choose the fence that best suits your security needs. Is your goal to make access to your site impossible? Then it is best to choose a high fence with securely locked gates, possibly supplemented with road blockers.

Environment complimenting design

Almost all of these fences are available in various heights, designs and colors.

What does a fence cost?

Fences are available for any budget. At Heras, the costs for fencing per meter are always surprisingly low. We keep everything in one hand for you, that is efficient and it is your guarantee for the trusted Heras quality. Request a quote immediately.

Experts in perimeter protection

Physical perimeter protection is best explained as systems and technologies designed to protect people and assets within a defined area by preventing unauthorised physical intrusions.

The primary defense is the perimeter boundary for which we designed the Heras Security Model. This model serves 5 goals: to demarcate the boundary of the premises, to deter, delay and detect unwanted intrusion and to deny access for unauthorised parties.

Heras has successfully met and exceeded customer safety and security needs across Europe for almost 70 years. It is this track record, combined with the ever-developing skill set of our personnel that enables us to say that we are the Experts in perimeter protection.

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More than a fence?

Fencing forms the basis of good perimeter protection. But Heras offers much more. We develop and install integrated security solutions for the security of buildings, grounds and complexes. In doing so, we fully integrate the gate into the overall concept of outdoor security, including detection and camera systems, access control and gates with a variety of control options.

Want to know more about Heras fencing?

Do you need customized security advice? Please contact a Heras regional office in your area. Because technical solutions for perimeter protection prove themselves best in practice, you can also make an appointment in our Experience Center. Here our security advisers will be happy to let you experience which solution best suits your requirements.

Heras: the experts in perimeter protection

Heras is known for cost-effective, high quality, sustainable security solutions.