As part of our complete perimeter protection solution, we offer leading installation services nationwide. Over 70 years of knowledge and experience of expert installation across almost any solution, helping keep people, premises and products safe.

Our customers can expect the highest standards as we ensure correct, secure and safe installation and operation in accordance with all applicable guidelines. There are many benefits to our installation service:

  • We have a specialist in-house design team and full project management services to simplify the entire process
  • We guarantee quality and timely installation of any solution: from entrance control solutions, such as gates, barriers and turnstiles, to fencing and cyber-secure Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems, from sensor cables, secure analysers to protected management software
  • All our installers have been fully trained and certified. A minimum of two operatives will work on any given job with access to a complete mobile kitted workshop.

We make life easy for customers by managing the entire process from initial site inspection, design of on-site layout, and manufacturing solutions, through to full installation on site (including civil works such as laying new foundations or electrical work), testing and, finally, training and handover. Our experts pride themselves on delivering excellent service and providing the best expert advice and guidance every step of the way.