Complete control over pedestrian access to your site

Keep pedestrians safe with turnstiles

When you’re managing a site with a high volume of pedestrian traffic, such as a sports stadium or entertainment venue, safety comes first. Or if you’re managing a high-security facility, you may need to maintain tight control of visitors entering or leaving your premises. In either case, access control turnstiles can offer you an ideal solution.

Why should I choose turnstiles?

Pedestrian turnstiles give you a wide range of options for manually or automatically managing foot access to your site.

Turnstile B700

The B700 turnstile provides easy-to-use, rugged and reliable, high security pedestrian control. Available in a range of configurations, materials and finishes.

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Turnstiles for crowd control

To comply with site capacity regulations and reduce the risks of overcrowding at large venues, you need to regulate the flow of visitors. Stadium turnstiles allow you to admit pedestrians individually, so you can control the pace and volume of entry very precisely.

Turnstiles for enhanced security

If you’re managing a highly secure location or a venue where you may need to deny access to specific individuals (for example, people who are trying to enter without a valid ticket), security turnstiles give you fine-grained entrance control.

What types of turnstile gates are available?

At Heras, we offer a comprehensive range of half-height and full-height turnstiles with electromagnetic, electromechanical, or manual operation and various key options to fit your specific security, safety, and access requirements.

B700 turnstiles

Our B700 turnstile range is ideal for commercial and industrial locations, especially if you have unmanned perimeter security or employee-controlled entrances. Its heavy-duty mechanism is designed for intensive use, and you can integrate it with a wide range of access control systems from Heras or other vendors.

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Turnstiles that meet industry standards

To comply with UK law and industry best practices, it’s important to confirm that your supplier has a rigorous process for testing and certifying that their turnstiles meet appropriate quality and safety standards.

LPS rated turnstiles

The Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB)’s LPS security ratings show how effective a perimeter protection solution is at delaying an attack. We offer turnstile solutions that meet appropriate LPS 1175 security standards.

How much do turnstiles cost?

Turnstiles can be a low-cost solution, and the price will depend on your security challenges and needs. Request your quote from our sales team today.

How to install, service and maintain turnstiles

Our turnstiles are designed to be highly customisable and easy to install in combination with new or existing fencing systems. Moreover, to make life even easier, we offer expert and safe installation and support services across all our solutions—giving you an end-to-end service.

How to buy turnstiles

We have offices across the UK and can provide our services nationwide. Set up a free consultation with one of our advisors today to find out how turnstiles can help protect your premises, people, and property at a price that’s right for you.

Go further with turnstiles

To create a complete perimeter security solution, you can easily augment turnstiles with other entrance control systems, security fencing, detection systems and cameras.

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