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If you are responsible for a location or site that is essential to the wellbeing and functioning of society, you know better than anyone else, that safety comes first. Locations across many sectors including, transport and logistics, data centres, water and energy supplies, prisons, government buildings, military and critical national infrastructure, are all presented with additional security risks.

We can help you to reduce these risks with a complete perimeter protection solution, providing maximum levels of security specifically tailored to your site. Following these 5 steps, Heras provides the best security for your perimeter.

Read our whitepaper for a deep dive into these 5 steps and how to deal with perimeter protection.

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Heras Security Model

This model seamlessly combines the most effective protection strategies and subsequently forms a reliable, practical security solution for every terrain.

We use this model to determine with the client what their exact security needs are. Based on these needs, we can look together at utilising the Heras expertise to offer the best possible solutions.

Using these scenarios, the model elements are assigned per security level. This means we can offer a tailor-made and integrated solution for every specific client need.

Discover more about the Heras Security Model.

High security Customer Cases

High security Customer Cases

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