Spare parts

Replace gate and fence parts quickly and easily

Order the parts you need today by simply sending an email to the Heras Service department at

When you need to repair or maintain your gates or fencing, it’s always best to use high-quality parts from the original manufacturer. At Heras, we make it quick and easy to order any component Fence parts to sliding gate locks and other gate parts are all readily available.

Order spare fence parts

Even the most robust fence or gate will need regular maintenance and occasional repairs to remain safe and secure. Access to spare parts is an important consideration when choosing a fencing supplier.

We work hard to ensure that spare parts for all our solutions are readily available and quick to deliver. Has an intruder tried to cut through your fence panel? Has a vehicle run into your barriers or bollards? Has a vandal broken your sliding gate lock? Whatever the problem, we can ship replacement parts out to your site immediately.

Many of our solutions are modular and configurable, so you can easily upgrade your safety and security. Contact us and we can deliver and install new fence parts or gate parts to meet your needs.

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If you have a question about Heras fence parts, contact our experts today on 0 800 073 0650