Maintenance on your perimeter protection

Why service and maintenance on your perimeter protection isĀ  important? You keep your installation in optimum condition and fully operation by having regular maintenance on your gate. With a technician regularly checking your gate, you also reduce the risk of malfunctions and unsafe situations. On the one hand this provides benefits for your business continuity, on the other hands for the safety of the users of an installation.

A sliding gate could be on your property for decades. The sooner you start servicing your gate, the more you will extend the life of the gate.

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What does a Heras service solution offer?

A gate that no longer opens or closes leads to unpleasant situations and inconvenience. To prevent this, Heras offers service solutions that keep your product in optimal condition. Heras tailor-made service solutions reduce the risk of failures, unsafe situations and unexpected costs. With our broad service coverage and 24/7 availability, you can always reach us.

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