With the Connect smart service, Cargo Logistics can now work much more flexibly

With a warehouse full of valuable customer goods, reliable site security is extremely important for logistics service provider Cargo Logistics. That is why the company wanted greater control over the security of the site whilst maintaining an open character. 

Thanks to Connect, Cargo Logistics now has an efficient way to give trucks remote access. Furthermore, the logistics service provider can see who is on the site and monitor the status of security systems at any time.

The challenge

Cargo Logistics is a globally operating logistics service provider. Based in Waalwijk in the Netherlands, the company mainly focuses on customers in Food and Fashion. “We want to be a fully-fledged logistics partner for our customers,” says Tino Appels, co-owner of Cargo Logistics. “That means that we want to be able to manage all their logistics processes. And we’re not just talking about international transport – we also mean the labelling of goods, e-fulfilment and customs procedures.” Cargo Logistics also makes it possible to store and tranship goods. “We regularly have many products belonging to customers in our warehouse. Those goods must always be safe because that’s part of our task as a good host. Tight security on our site is therefore very important to us. Which is why we’ve been relying on Heras for so many years.”

Thanks to Connect, we’re more flexible and efficient. So yes, you can safely say that we’re very satisfied.”

— Tino Appels, Co-owner, Cargo Logistics

Heras has been responsible for site security at Cargo Logistics since 1995. Appels: “In 2021, we had to replace our electric fence and we also needed to install a new entrance gate. At the same time, I was looking for a smoother way to give truck drivers access to our site. We mostly did that manually and it took too much time. It also created a potentially risky situation because a truck full of goods needing to wait in front of a closed gate. That makes it an easy target for malicious parties. But I didn’t want to make it Fort Knox here because the site must stay manageable. Added to that, we thought a welcoming atmosphere was important because we often receive our customers here too.”

The approach

In a joint consultation, Heras proposed the Connect smart service. Connect monitors all the important components of security systems 24/7 and issues a notification when there’s a malfunction, for example. One of the ingenious features of Connect is Access, which allows gates to be opened remotely. “The installation of the system went smoothly,” says Appels. “Heras provided very clear instructions too. And the system isn’t complicated, so it was easy to get our employees to accept it. And they soon learned how to use it. In fact, everything went as smoothly as I’ve grown to expect from Heras. They have always been pleasant to work with and the Heras technicians keep their promises. Since we started using Connect, their technicians have always had the right materials available.”

The solution

Thanks to Connect, Cargo Logistics now has much more control over site security. “We know exactly what the status of our gates is,” says Appels. “And we receive a notification when the gates show any abnormalities or if there are malfunctions. We can often solve these malfunctions ourselves, which saves on costs. And now we can also easily give drivers access to our site. Whereas in the past we worked with cards or with security guards who opened the gate, we now grant drivers automatic and one-time access based on their predefined telephone numbers. When they arrive, they call our number, and the gate opens.”

Besides giving us easier access and a better understanding of the status of site security, Cargo Logistics can now also see who is on the site. “In Connect, we can check exactly who has been given access. The system records all that information. So if anything happens, we can figure out exactly who was on site. That gives an even greater sense of security and safety.” Finally, Connect also offers added value for the business operations of the logistics service provider. Appels: “Thanks to the new system, we’re more flexible and efficient. This is partly because we can now also give drivers easier access and monitor our gates at night. Which means that night work now runs much more smoothly. So yes, you can safely say that we’re very satisfied with Connect.”

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