Versatile protection from vehicle access and accidents

Safeguard your space with security bollards

Access control isn’t always about keeping intruders out of your premises. Perhaps you’re managing a site used by large numbers of people, such as a pedestrianised shopping area. Or maybe your site contains valuable assets, like a car dealership or bank. Keeping people safe and property protected should be top priorities.

If your site borders a busy road, vehicle accidents could cause injuries and property damage. You may also need to assess the risk of deliberate attacks by ram-raiders, terrorists, or other criminals. In these circumstances, road bollards can play a key role in your hostile vehicle mitigation strategy.

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Why should I choose bollards?

Bollards help you protect against unauthorised vehicle access, accidental damage and forced entry.

Bollards mark your boundaries

You can use traffic bollards to demarcate your space. This clearly communicates to visitors when they are entering and exiting your premises. It can also help to set their expectations that this is a zone where vehicles are prohibited or tightly controlled.

Bollards let foot traffic flow

Unlike walls or fencing, a line of road bollards allows pedestrians to flow freely across your perimeter. Bollards are an ideal solution for pedestrianised areas because they do not restrict foot traffic or create bottlenecks.

Bollards keep your site safe

Metal bollards can provide you with a robust defence against unauthorised vehicles. When they are securely anchored to solid foundations, they can stop even heavy vehicles travelling at high speeds.

What types of security bollards are available?

Fixed bollards provide a simple, robust, low-maintenance option for spaces that need 24/7 protection. Meanwhile, telescopic bollards (also known as electric bollards, collapsible bollards, rising bollards or retractable bollards) offer more flexibility. They are useful when vehicles occasionally need to cross your perimeter—for example, at the entrance to a driveway.

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Security bollards that meet industry standards

To comply with UK law, your bollards must be certified to meet appropriate quality and safety standards.

PAS 68 bollards

PAS 68 is a specification from the British Standards Institute that classifies the performance of entrance control systems under vehicle impact. Heras can provide you with traffic bollards that have been fully crash tested under PAS 68.

CPNI approved security bollards

The UK’s Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure (CPNI) lists Heras 956A and 956B road bollards as an impact-rated product. You can find them in the hostile vehicle mitigation section of the CPNI catalogue of security equipment.

How much do bollards cost?

Bollards can be a low-cost solution, and the price will depend on your specific requirements. Request your quote from our sales team today.

Customer spotlight

Learn how Schiphol Airport worked with Heras to protect its new mortuary from vehicle accidents. The mortuary building is located on a fast bend on a busy road. By installing crash-rated street bollards, the Airport can keep employees and visitors safe. Read the full story here.

How to install, service and maintain bollards

Our security bollards can be robustly anchored even on relatively shallow foundations, making them easy to install without deep excavation. We also offer expert installation and end-to-end support services across all our solutions.

How to buy bollards

We have offices across the UK and can provide our services nationwide. We can help protect your premises, people, and property at a price that’s right for you. Set up a free consultation with one of our advisors today.

Go further with bollards

To create a complete perimeter security solution, you can easily augment security bollards with other entrance control solutions, fencing, detection systems and cameras.

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