Summer is coming! Taking the weather conditions into account and how they affect your security system

With summer on its way, various extreme weather conditions can occur. Think of a heat wave, thunderstorms or nuisance from heavy rainfall. In some cases, the weather can have nasty consequences for your security installations. Read in this blog what you can take into account.

Prolonged heat

All our security solutions are extensively tested for different weather conditions, including prolonged heat. An engine enclosure, for example, is designed and installed to keep out the heat. In addition, the design of your security system takes into account the expansion and contraction of elements due to temperature differences. If you notice that you are getting a malfunction report it is wise to call in a service technician in time.

Nuisance from thunderstorms

Storm nuisance is usually caused by lightning strikes in the neighbourhood, strong gusts of wind or heavy rainfall. What can you do if lightning has struck your door? Check whether your door is still working and whether there is any voltage at the door. If there is, but the door no longer opens or closes, please contact Heras.

Flash flooding

Water can cause a lot of damage. Think, for example, of short circuits. Logically, water and electrical components in our installations do not go well together. That is why we test all our solutions extensively. What can you do yourself? Check whether the motor box is properly closed and whether, for example, safety strips are undamaged. In the event of a risk of high water, it is possible to switch off the Electric Fence system to prevent potentially unsafe situations.

How do you prevent damage from various types of weather?

The prevention of damage is not always possible due to external factors. Basically, it is important to have regular maintenance carried out. This way, you will find out in time whether motor casings still seal properly and whether, for example, safety strips are damaged.

Damage to your security system? Here’s how to handle it quickly

If extreme weather conditions are announced, we scale up the capacity of our Service Department. This way, we can quickly process your claim and initiate a solution. You can do the following yourself:

Contact Heras

Have your fencing, access and/or detection systems been damaged? Then contact the Heras Service Department. There are many ways to do so. Customers with a Premium or Premium VIP service package can even reach us 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.

Report the error message and take photos

If your system no longer works, an error message will be displayed. Please have the error message ready when you contact us. The error message can be found on the screen of the motor in the cabinet. In addition, the more information you have available, the faster we can help you. Photos are very helpful!

Business continuity ensured

The speed of action depends on your service contract and whether we have the necessary materials in stock. Heras has a special emergency warehouse. If the damage is limited, it can often be repaired immediately. If the damage is too severe, we will provide a temporary emergency solution. This ensures that your site security is intact until we can carry out the full repair.

Have your fencing, access and/or detection systems suffered damage? Or do you have questions about the Heras service solutions? Then visit