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Essential, Premium or Premium VIP

The continuity of your business is our top priority. At Heras we have designed tailormade service solutions that ensure your product is operating at a premium and fully compliant level.

The reliability of the product is of the utmost importance to ensure you are compliant with local laws on maintaining your product.

Heras has designed the following service solutions in order to provide you with optimum protection: Essential, Premium and Premium VIP. The service solutions can be customised.

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Our service solutions

Why choose service from Heras?

  • A national service solution on your full perimeter protection
  • Ensure compliance with local safety laws
  • Extend the lifespan of your installation
  • Reduce the risk of disruptions or unsafe situations
  • Fully trained and qualified skilled engineers
  • Cost savings in the longer term
  • Ensure your perimeter protection operates to optimum performance
  • Customise your service solution to your business requirements

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