How safe are your gates?

From design and production to installation and maintenance. Safety always comes first.

At Heras, we pay particular attention to gate safety. From design and production to installation and maintenance. Safety comes always first.

Gate Safety

Unsafe parts are eliminated during the design or get extra protection with sensors. We carry out analysis, tests and measurements. On the one hand to comply with standards and regulations, on the other hand because we as a manufacturer want to do everything we can to deliver a safe gate. A safe perimeter prevents damage and injury.

Safety through maintenance

After installation, it is even more important to have regular maintenance performed to guarantee the safety of the users of the entrance solution. Inadequate maintenance is one of the most common reasons for an unsafe situation to for example a gate. This can be prevented by performing regular maintenance.

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Checking the correct operation of your site security is crucial to ensure the safety of all users. An unsafe situation is often not immediately visible.  During a periodic maintenance inspection, we can identify unsafe situations early and take immediate action.


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