Main improvements to Heras products

The safety requirements for CE certification is expected to become stringent from the end of 2021. The main purpose of these more stringent requirements is to increase safety levels and help further reduce the number of accidents in the future.

Swing, sliding and bi-folding gates will need to meet these new safety requirements. This does not mean however that existing gates with a CE mark are suddenly unsafe. Heras products apply to the tightened CE-marking from the 1st of July. But what exactly does this mean in terms of changes for Heras products?

The main improvements
to Heras products

The latest Delta sliding gate

The video below shows multiple installation steps that are required for installing the renewed Delta gate. It perfectly shows the new features and how the new Delta gate will look like. In this video a comparison has been made between an old and the upgraded Delta. Updating a complete gate within the field is rather unlikely, however, updating some smaller parts is reasonable.

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