Mesh fencing: Zenith B3 (SR2)

High-security fencing system

Heras Zenith high security fencing rate range includes Zenith  A1 (SR1), Zenith B3 (SR2) and Zenith SR3. Each Zenith system has been designed to meet a range of security needs and has been rigorously tested by the Building Research Establishment to gain the necessary security ratings (SR) to meet industry standards. Zenith B3 (SR2) is the second level of security rated fencing which is approved for government use. Zenith B3 (SR2) offers comprehensive protection for utility companies, airports, ports and railways, and data centers.

Zenith B3 (SR2) is made up of two layers of steel mesh panels welded 90 degrees to each other to provide an extra safeguard against intrusion and a more determined attack. It requires that the fence is clamped or buried into the ground, and this special foundation provides extra protection in the ground against unwanted visitors.

The system offers a high level of protection against vandalism,

intrusion and terrorist activity thanks to the combination of its anti-climbing 358 mesh system, secure foundations and security toppings, such as barbed wire. Zenith B3 (SR2) offers protection against a determined opportunist attack with tools of a higher mechanical advantage e.g. bolt cutters, claw hammer, drill etc.

Zenith fencing is easy to install thanks to its prefabricated panels. These are welded together in our factory, forming a more solid welding construction that is designed to last for years. Installation requires minimal amount of fixings per post, which makes it quick and easy to install and aesthetically pleasing.

Each Zenith system can be enhanced with a Perimeter Intrusion Detection System (PIDS).

LPCB: Loss Prevention Certification Board

Heras offers high security gate and fencing solutions designed for sites with infrastructure critical assets including data centers, distribution centers and power plants.

The Zenith products hold accreditations including those by LPCB to LPS 1175, and endorsements such as the police approval platform Secured by Design. Accredited products provide proven, demonstrable protection which is recognised by insurance companies through reduced premium costs.

Read more about LPCB.

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Perimeter protection is paramount for utility companies, nuclear power stations, airports, military sites, and oil and gas terminals.

The higher the safety risk to people, premises and assets, the more important it is to ensure that robust and effective security systems are in place. Heras’ Zenith high security mesh fencing systems are the answer; they’re LPCB certified, extremely safe and secure, easy to install and designed to last.

Fences with the longevity of a house. You can be confident that they will still protect your site year after year. Thanks to a specialised galvanizing process, our fencing is resilient against atmospheric corrosion / rust formation, free from sharp edges, and has greatly improved protection against surface damage. This process is more environmentally friendly, without compromising on quality.

Why choose a pre-galvanized fence?

  • Smooth surface, no unevenness
  • Pleasing to the eye
  • Lower purchase price
  • Sustainable alternative
  • Powerful protection