Condor sliding gate

Automated access to your premises and extremely budget-friendly

The Condor sliding gate combines two of the best features of our sliding gates, the optimal perimeter protection power of sliding gates and the best value for money that you have come to expect from Heras. This sliding gate ensures automated access to your premises whilst effectively keeping unauthorised persons out.

The Condor sliding gate is a budget-friendly and neat electric sliding gate that allows you to easily control small traffic flows. Thanks to its steel welded mesh infill this sliding gate fits in seamlessly with the steel welded mesh or chain link fencing already present. The Condor sliding gate comes fully assembled and as a result it can be installed in only half a day on a pre-cast concrete foundation, minimising the downtime of installation.

The Condor sliding gate is a compact and electrically powered sliding gate, ideal for the perimeter protection of small and medium-sized businesses and private premises.

The advantages of the Condor sliding gate

  • Affordable access control solution
  • Delivered fully assembled for fast installation
  • Designed with cost-saving in mind
  • Powerful electric motor
  • Pre-galvanized material coated for sleek and attractive appearance
  • Active safety edges for precise obstacle detection
  • CE and UKCA marked in accordance with European and UK safety and quality standards
  • Maintenance-friendly

The features of the Condor sliding gate at a glance

The European CE Standards for Automated Gate installations are revised and tightened

The safety requirements for CE certification became more stringent from 2022. The main purpose of these more stringent requirements is to increase safety levels and help further reduce the number of accidents in the future.

Heras products apply to the tightened CE-marking. So what is a CE mark? And what do the stricter requirements mean?

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