Well-secured sites are crucial to Boxcomplex

‘I believe in robust fencing that is very hard to penetrate,’ says Jeroen  Schurink, co-owner of Boxcomplex. The company develops, rents and sells multifunctional cement business and storage units located on well-secured sites. Heras is Boxcomplex’s longstanding partner in the field of fencing, gates and entrance control for all its complexes.

Optimum protection is a top priority

Boxcomplex’s five locations in the Netherlands contain between 60 and 100 business and storage units for primarily business customers such as construction and installation companies, retailers, bicycle repair businesses and metalworking businesses. Its customer base furthermore includes private individuals, such as vintage car and motorcycle owners, who rent or buy storage units. Having well-secured sites is crucial to Boxcomplex. ‘Our customers must be able to store their property in our units with complete peace of mind,’ says Jeroen Schurink.

Sliding gate with entrance control

It is with good reason that Boxcomplex has chosen Heras to be its long-term partner for all its complexes. Schurink: ‘Before we began working with Heras, we used to encounter quite a few breakdowns on a regular basis. This meant the gate wouldn’t open or close.
That was obviously disastrous for our customers. That’s when I got in touch with Heras to discuss our needs. They provided us with an excellent and effective solution straightaway. Top-quality bar fencing with an automatic sliding gate and entrance control. Since then we’ve had hardly any breakdowns. Heras is our preferred partner for all our complexes – now and in the future.’

Streamlined communications

In addition to the annual maintenance and 24/7 repair service, Heras has developed a practical user guide for the sliding gate and the entrance control system especially for Boxcomplex’s customers. Schurink: ‘Heras understands our needs and is familiar with our target group. We know each other so well and enjoy such streamlined communications that we can realise a new project – entering into agreements, receiving tailor-made advice and delivering the solution – very smoothly and quickly.’