Swing gate B360

Self-closing pedestrian gate

The B360 self-closing pedestrian gate has been designed to complement other perimeter protection systems including fencing, gates and vehicle barriers. The B360 particularly excels when combined with the Heras full height B700 security turnstiles, providing emergency or disability access to site and meeting the requirements of health and safety and DDA standards with no compromise in security.

Expertly designed and manufactured to withstand elemental wear and vandal tampering, the B360 can be integrated with existing site access control systems and can be supplied with control technology to suit bespoke site requirements.

Applicable for internal or external use, the B360 pedestrian gates can be finished with a wide range of coating colours to fit with any palette.

  • Heavy duty design and construction ensures longevity and low maintenance requirements
  • Range of design and finish options to accommodate the aesthetics of any site
  • Capable of full integration with any existing site access technology or systems
  • Excels when deployed in combination with vehicle gates, barriers or turnstiles for total perimeter control and emergency or disability access
  • Safe design with hidden closer and no trapping hazards

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