JCC Lighting: “This installation represents good value for money”

Project at a Glance:

Project: JCC Lighting
Location: Lux Park, Chichester
Sector: Warehousing and distribution
Heras products: Palisade fencing, Palisade gates, Delta sliding gates
Main contractor: Heras
Installation: 12 days


Project Overview

JCC Lighting has been a leader in the lighting market for more than 20 years, and it recently moved into a new 260,000 sq. ft. site in Chichester in September 2022. The warehouse hub houses an extensive product range that covers domestic, office, industrial and retail lighting. It needed to install a secure perimeter for the site and have access control for the site, which has a busy daily flow of incoming and outgoing delivery vehicles.

The Challenge

The 260,000 sq. ft. site houses an 86,000 sq. ft. warehouse, which provides JCC Lighting with significant space to grow and to maintain its strong stockholding and service levels.  The priority was to secure and protect the site (to provide peace of mind) and to deter intrusions and trespassing. JCC Lighting obtained planning permission for a perimeter system that involved the installation of a fencing system and access gates, as well as two sliding gates to allow vehicle access to different parts of the site. There were no significant factors or requirements that would impact the selection of Heras fencing or gated products.

The Approach

Heras has a ‘safety-first’ mantra, and this was at the heart of every aspect of the planning and installation of the project from start to finish. This culture comes right from the top of the company and cascades down so that every member of the team in the UK (as well as all the other European territories in which Heras operates) embraces safe working practices, making them an integral part of every aspect of Heras’s operations.

The Solution

Based on JCC Lighting’s requirement to secure the site, our recommendation was the installation of 120 m of 2 m tall Palisade fencing (with triple-pointed tops) and four double-leaf Palisade gates – which ranged in widths from 3 m to 8 m. Two 2 m high by 8.5 m wide manually operated Delta sliding gates were also specified as the main access points to the site. The Result JCC Lighting is very pleased with the installation and the peace of mind that comes with knowing that the perimeter of its site is secure.

The Products

Palisade security fencing is made of steel pales which are attached to horizontal rails and connected to sturdy vertical joists or posts. Due to being versatile and sturdy, it addresses a wide range of security requirements and is a popular perimeter protection solution. The Delta sliding gate is Heras’s best-selling sliding gate because it’s a modular, lightweight design that is perfectly counterbalanced to allow easy manual or motor-driven operation. Key features include plug and play for easy installation and operation, a lightweight and low-maintenance design, a very wide opening width (maximum 19 m), easy integration with security options, and a robust steel frame with a choice of colour and a vertical bar infill.


Jamie Searle, Commercial Director at JCC Lighting, said: “As part of our procurement process, we obtained four quotes – and although Heras was very competitively priced, it wasn’t the lowest quote we received. We decided to proceed with Heras because, from day one, we were impressed with their professionalism. We have complete peace of mind following the installation of Heras fencing and gates that the perimeter of our site is secure. This installation represents good value for money.”

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