GaragePark offers the safest storage and workspace thanks to Heras

GaragePark has 33 garage depot sites in the Netherlands and is in the process of building at least 12 more. The company was looking for an effective and reliable partner to secure their sites. GaragePark chose Heras because of its scale and good service.

Heras provides the gates and fencing to secure GaragePark premises. This allows the company to stand out in the market for safety.

The challenge

GaragePark is the largest provider of garage spaces in the Netherlands. There are now 33 GarageParks with a total of over 4,000 storage spaces. The garage boxes are usually leased to entrepreneurs and freelancers, such as painters, carpenters and website owners. They use the garage boxes for storing tools, materials and supplies, among other things. The boxes are also used as storage for trailers, for example, and as a workspace. It is therefore important that the parks are properly secured. 

The construction of new garage parks is moving at lightning speed. Boxes are built from prefabricated elements, contractors are scheduled to work in tight succession and investors expect the parks to be delivered on schedule. “We want to realise at least twelve new parks in the coming year,” says marketing manager John van Heijningen. “For the security of the parks, we wanted a party that was able to keep up with our fast pace and that honours its agreements.” 

The approach

After a short period of cooperation with another security partner, GaragePark is back with Heras. Van Heijningen: “We noticed that we didn’t get the service we were looking for from our previous partner. At Heras, we get that service. They are the largest player in the Netherlands in the field of perimeter security. They have a lot of clout and are a reliable partner for us in the development of parks.” 

The solution

Heras equips GaragePark branches with two-metre-high fencing. At the front, there is bar fencing with an appropriate businesslike appearance. At the sides and rear of the premises, there is sturdy steel mesh fencing. Van Heijningen: “ The fencing is equipped with an anti-intruder system to discourage and detect intruders. An electric topping has been mounted above the fences to prevent intruders from climbing over the fence. The system is connected to a control room.” A cantilever Delta electric sliding gate that connects seamlessly to the barfencing, gives customers access to the premises. In case of emergency, each park also has an emergency gate with automatic closure, the Swing gate Euro 2. 

“The fences and gates from Heras are an important part of our total security,” says Van Heijningen. “Customers are given access to the garage with a personal keytag. There are also cameras, the images of which are monitored by a security company. And a lighting plan ensures a feeling of safety after dark. 

Due to this extensive combination of security measures, we have a BORG-2 security certificate. This proves that our parks are well protected against break-ins. This is important for our customers who store valuables in them. Moreover, this qualification is sometimes a prerequisite for being able to insure their storage.” 

Van Heijningen and his colleagues are very satisfied with the cooperation with Heras. “Our people always enjoy working with their contacts at Heras. They are reliable and keep their promises. What’s more, Heras’ scale means they are flexible and can scale up when necessary. They offer excellent service, which sets them apart from other companies. We believe that continuity is important, which is why we are aiming for a long-term partnership with Heras.” 

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