Heras unveils new branding for Danish perimeter protection group following acquisition

Heras, a leading European end-to-end supplier of permanent and mobile perimeter protection solutions, has unveiled the new look for the group of three Danish companies that it acquired in December 2020.

The company – which operates in 25 countries and territories – acquired the SER Hegn Group to strengthen its reach into the perimeter protection and security solutions market in Denmark and the Nordics.

As the SER Hegn Group has been established for more than 30 years and grown to become the Danish market leader, Heras was keen to retain the awareness and identity of the three group companies and has revealed dual branding for Moosdorf Hegn, Stentoft Hegn and SER Hegn.

From 1st July 2022, the SER Hegn Group will have a new look that reflects that it is part of Europe’s leading perimeter protection and security solutions provider. But, by retaining elements of its former branding, this sends out a strong message that it is a Danish business that is still the first choice for companies across the Nordics that are looking for expert help and quality access control and perimeter systems that are compliant with all European directives and installed to the highest standards.

Both Heras and the SER Hegn Group were keen to keep the DNA of the Danish companies to lay strong foundations for further growth in the Nordics.

Henrik Otterstedt, Head of Heras Nordics, explained that the transition has been exciting, fascinating and educational, as all companies and staff within the SER Hegn Group have embraced being part of Heras. And he hopes that SER Hegn Group customers will also react in the same positive way, as the branding may be new but everything else that they have come to expect from the three companies remains the same.

“Following Heras’s acquisition of SER Hegn, Moosdorf Hegn and Stentoft Hegn in 2020, the integration of the operations has been ongoing. This has not been visible to the market, but, as of 1st July, Moosdorf Hegn, Stentoft Hegn and SER Hegn will include the Heras logo as part of their branding,” said Mr Otterstedt.

“Our goal with the integration is to utilise all the strengths that the companies and their staff have, as well as their many years of experience in and broad knowledge of perimeter protection. Our customers will face the same commitment and care as before but with an even stronger range.”