The top 4 most popular Heras products in Transport & Logistics applications

We know that for operators within the Transport and Logistics space, the main goal is to transport and store goods efficiently in a way that saves time and money. Below are Heras’ top four products that are installed and relied upon every day in Transport and Logistics applications across the UK and Europe:  

sGate trackless – Speedgates

This trackless speed gate offers an ideal combination of access & control, security, speed and reliability. This product is ideal for locations with a lot of vehicle movement where controlled and timely access is essential. sGate trackless is ideal for locations where: 

  • Unlimited height matters 
  • A guide trough in the ground is not possible (accumulation of e.g. sand, stones or dirt in the guide trough) 
  • The gate must be seamlessly integrated with the fence line 
  • Quick opening and optimal security are essential. 

What is the best choice? 

So there are plenty of options to secure access to your perimeter. But how do you determine which variant is best for your situation? What do you have to pay attention to? We provide a few handles in the blog: Barrier, sliding gate or speed gate: which type of access security suits your situation?

Delta  – Sliding gate 

Delta is one of the best-selling sliding gates across Europe. It is a stylish and safe cantilevered sliding gate that fits seamlessly in design with Heras’ Tangorail TR100 capped railings (below).  

Delta is available in a wide range of widths and heights from 3m to 9.5m (single gate) and 6m to 19 m (double gate). It offers fast opening and closing with speeds of up to 0.5m per second (1m for double gates). This equates to less time lost and a quicker resumption of optimum security once closed. 

Delta also costs less to be serviced, upgraded or repaired (in the event of being struck or damaged), as components are replaceable. 

  • Lightweight and low maintenance design 
  • Very wide opening width (maximum 19 metres) 
  • Easily integrated with security options 
  • Robust steel frame with choice of colour and
    vertical bar infill 

Tangorail TR100 – Capped railings 

Heras’ Tangorail railings offer a perimeter protection solution in a wide range of design options. 

Available with panel heights up to 2.4m, the Tangorail TR100 features capped heads on each bar to provide security, style and safety in equal measure. 

  • Strong intrusion deterrent 
  • Self-raking – no stepped panels and fewer posts 
  • Eco-friendly – no welding and low zinc content 
  • Added safety – no gaps under fence 
  • Fast installation and manufacturing

Zenith – Mesh fencing 

The higher the safety risk to people, premises and assets, the more important it is to ensure that robust and effective security systems are in place. Heras’ Zenith high security mesh fencing systems are the answer; they’re LPCB certified, extremely safe and secure, easy to install and designed to last.

Zenith SR1 is made up of a single panel of welded steel mesh skin. It is suitable for protecting large areas and premises such as warehouses. 

  • Smooth surface, no unevenness 
  • Pleasing to the eye 
  • Lower purchase price 
  • Sustainable alternative 
  • Powerful protection 

Advice and support with your perimeter protection solution?

Our products are always safe, secure and reliable. However, through our knowledge of application requirements and safety and security legislation, we can advise the best products for your site. Going beyond products, we offer technical support, documentations, design and services to help you draw plans and identify requirements. Heras also offers project management support and full installation upon request.

Request a consultation with one of our experts.