Optimally secured through integrated entrance control system

Logistics service provider Lineage Logistics, formerly Partner Logis-tics, has six large-scale deep freeze warehouses in Europe and takes care of the entire logistics process for its customers. “ Security and quality assurance are the key conditions in the field of goods storage. In addition to the goods being protected against theft and vandalism, the safety of the employees and customers is equally important.

Lineage Logistics chose a total solution from Heras in order to ensure optimum perimeter protection. This is a high-quality integrated entrance control system that with precisely aligned products and services. The system is fully integrated with Lineage Logistics own warehouse management system. To streamline the logistics process and ensure the safety and protection of people and goods.

Ideal solution

Nils Behr, Account Manager at Heras: ‘Everything people do to enter an area or building forms part of an entrance control system. This is sometimes also called the pass system. You use it to determine who can/cannot enter, where and when entrance is granted, and how often someone may enter or exit. This enables you to keep unauthorised persons out, and to monitor where people are located inside or around the building.’

Emergency registration

Having only an arm barrier or pass control is not sufficient for optimum protection at Lineage Logistics. Passes can be lost, transferred or damaged. The major advantage of an integrated entrance control system is that it can be connected to existing building automation systems, such as camera and burglar alarm systems.

Nils explains that an integrated system is not only used for providing access or carrying out surveillance: ‘Entrance control is now also used for emergency registration. This means that, in the event of an emergency, it just takes a press of a button to exactly pinpoint who is located in a specified area. Even though we’re now talking about people, it can equally be used to locate vehicles and equipment. So it is important to know what you want to achieve through an entrance control system.’


An entrance control system with touch-screen, licence plate recognition, LED screens, arm barriers and CCTV has been installed at Lineage Logistics. It is an integrated solution in which a range of different fields are managed and protected.Nils: ‘The same applies during transport. In addition to full track and trace of the arrival and departure times, the system lets us see immediately via camera surveillance whether the articulated truck has been sealed upon departure. If the seal has been broken when the truck arrives at its final destination, you know straightaway that the load has been tampered with during transport.’

In practice

Nils: ‘An integrated entrance control system can be an excellent addition for everyone in the transport and logistics sector. It makes the logistics process more manageable and safer.

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