Malfunction at your gate? With these 5 measures you guarantee business continuity

Shutting down your business is not an option. After all, it leads to a loss of time and high costs. But what if your entrance gate is faulty? What if for example, transport cannot enter or uninvited guests can enter your premises, this will have major consequences. How do you ensure that this does not happen to your company? In this blog we tell you how to safeguard your business continuity with five measures.

Security installations are designed to protect your site, in such a way that your daily business can continue normally. Trucks, for example, can easily enter and leave the terrain through automatic sliding gates or you can use various security installations to keep unwanted visitors at a distance from, for example, your high-risk location.

Whatever your security, it has to do its job so that you can operate as normal with full peace of mind. At least, that is the intention. A security installation can suddenly malfunction or stop working due to damage. Should the latter occur, your business could come to a sudden standstill! How do you prevent that?

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Five measures to ensure your business continuity

By entering into a clear service agreement with the supplier of your security installations, such as Heras, you can help to prevent your installations from endangering the continuity of your business. Take a look at our five following measures:
1. Preventive maintenance
Maintaining your gates is the most important step in ensuring your business continuity. If you fail to do so, there is a chance that parts of your automatic sliding gate, for example, will wear out undetected. Preventive maintenance is the best way to monitor your gates, save unnecessary costs and maintain security as it allows you to periodically check and maintain the security installations on your premises. You can make agreements about this type of maintenance with your supplier. Heras, for example, has various service packages that include preventive maintenance.
2. Predictive maintenance
Predictive maintenance goes one step further. It is about predicting maintenance so that you can be one step ahead of any malfunctions. At Heras, we call it Connect. How does it work? Sensors in security installations continuously give a signal. This makes it possible to monitor the condition of the gates remotely. If a malfunction occurs or threatens to occur, we or you, as the case may be, receive a signal. In this way, we detect chances of malfunctions at an early stage and can react quicker in the event of any actual malfunctions. Predictive maintenance is the ultimate way to guarantee your business continuity.

3. Rapid response times of mechanics
If, despite maintenance, something is wrong with a security installation, you do not want to wait days for repair. The longer your daily work is at a stop or hindered, the more money it costs. A good service contract stipulating minimum response times for technicians is an essential step towards ensuring business continuity.
4. First time fix
A faulty security system must be restored to working order as soon as possible. This is why it is important that a technician gets the installation up and running again on the first visit. The so-called ‘first time fix’. Heras mechanics, for example, have a stock of parts in their van as standard. This increases the chance that our mechanics will get an installation back up and running immediately, even if only temporarily. A mechanic can then come back for a definitive repair. So ensure you make agreements with your supplier about a first time fix.
5. Advice and reporting
In addition to maintenance, fast response times and a first time fix, thorough maintenance advice from a supplier such as Heras is a powerful measure to guarantee business continuity. Based on observations made during periodic maintenance, we provide advice on the status of your security installations. This can even be included in a long-term maintenance plan, which indicates exactly what you can expect in terms of maintenance and costs in the short, medium and long term. In this way, you will never be faced with surprises and the risk of breakdowns will be considerably reduced.

Good service agreements and regular maintenance

Preventing faulty or unsafe security installations that could paralyse your business is fairly simple. After all, everything revolves around good service agreements and regular maintenance. Thanks to regular maintenance – using smart technology – you extend the life of your installations, reduce the risk of malfunctions and ensure that they remain safe, therefore giving you certainty of business continuity in a targeted and effective manner.
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