International Women’s Day

Heras strives for more equality and more diversity. It will always be a topic with focus with our organisation.

In the context of International Women’s Day, we asked a number of female colleagues how they see equal opportunities for women within Heras.

Women who stand together, shine together.

“Heras are a manufacturing and installation company, and it can be daunting as a female to enter into this world, however Heras have made me very welcome. My talents are seen and rewarded. Women who stand together, shine together.”

– Sarah Allen, Material Supply Sales Manager, United Kingdom

“Why stay within your comfort zone when there is much more to experience outside of it”

This quote applies to me as a person, but to everyone within Heras. Heras as an organisation offers everyone the opportunity to grow in the role they have, but also in other roles within the organization. And so for me.

I have been working at Heras for about 15 years now and in these 15 years Heras has given me various opportunities and I have seized these opportunities with both hands. I started as a commercial contract assistent, then worked for years as an account manager, progressed to contract manager and then I got the sublime opportunity to work as a product manager for the group. I have never had the feeling that I had fewer opportunities than my male colleagues.

With great regularity I am simply called “one of the guys”. And that’s how it feels to me too.

– Jojanneke van Gils, Service Product Manager & Data Analyst, The Netherlands

“I feel very lucky to work for a forward thinking business where gender never comes into the equation.”

“I’ve worked in HR for over 20 years and Heras 100% has the best female friendly culture I have ever experienced. I feel empowered as a female leader, all I have received from my colleagues at Heras, is encouragement and support. I feel very lucky to work for a forward thinking business where gender never comes into the equation. I am surrounded by some of the most talented females in their field of work. I am incredible proud to watch them all develop and champion Heras’ success.”

– Laura Ibbotson, HR Manager, United Kingdom

“People are not the same, but they are equal.”

“You don’t have to understand everything someone is experiencing/feeling, as long as you take the other person’s feelings seriously and accept (read: treat them with respect).

So treat someone the way they want to be treated and not necessarily how you want to be treated. This means that you have to have a real interest in and respect for the other person.

In addition: Equality comes with responsibility. So do you want equal treatment? Then you have to be willing to bear the same amount of responsibility.”

– Madeline Bruin, Manager Inside Sales & Service, The Netherlands