Diana Stan

Digital Transformation Manager

Diana Stan, Digital Transformation Manager

“The moment I walked in on my first day I already felt comfortable as part of the ‘Heras family’. I was welcomed by everyone with enthusiasm and saw a sea of opportunities. I particularly like the work sphere at Heras because they promote transparency and have an open door policy. They really embrace people coming in with new ideas and exploring new ways of working.”

What is your position at Heras?

“I joined Heras a couple of months ago as a digital transformation manager. My job is to bridge the gap between IT and the business. I need to ascertain the digital needs of the company, and to align the different stakeholders and clearly define their priorities. My ultimate goal is to align the digital strategy with the business strategy. Another important part of my job is to empower the people and teams to be more efficient and to use technology to achieve our digital goals.”

What makes your job unique?

“What makes my work unique is the combination of technology, innovation and the human aspect. I love working with people and the fact that I can empower them to do their job better, makes it very interesting. In addition, I really enjoy the complexity of the projects and the fact that I get the opportunity to manage these projects and solve the complete puzzle.”

What project are you most proud of?

“Recently I joined a new project in the United Kingdom. We are implementing a new technology and I am very excited to be part of this team. I took the lead in this project and in a couple of weeks we were able to make tremendous progress. I am very proud of the team and myself. It has been an amazing journey so far.”

What is your favorite part about working at Heras?

“I am a very positive person, and every morning I wake up looking forward to come to work. What I really like about Heras is that they allow me to be myself and use my leadership skills and my authenticity to solve the complex problems and projects I work with on a daily basis.”

“My favorite part of Heras are the people, the fact that I can work with such a diverse group of people on a daily basis. I use my experience to guide my teams embrace new ways of thinking, while becoming more efficient in their work. At the same time enjoying their work and developing varying skill sets. I learn new things every day, from my colleagues and from the projects I work on.”

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