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  • Product Information

    This Heras Broughton 730 Full Height Stadium Turnstile combines entrance control, safe pedestrian access, aesthetics, ruggedness and reliability.

    A major provider of turnstile equipment, renowned for our vast experience within Stadia Turnstile design, manufacturing, installation and commissioning. We offer the design and flexibility required by most project specifications to ensure turnstiles are compatible with the surrounding materials and design ethos.

    The Broughton 730 Stadium Turnstile is suitable for all new build and existing stadium applications, available in a range of configurations, materials and finishes to match a wide variety of security levels, operational and aesthetic requirements. Finishes include high quality coatings in any standard RAL colours together with stainless steel, polycarbonate and perforated plate pedestrian guides.

    Our stadia turnstiles conform to the “Green Guide” and all safety standards which have formed the basis of entrance control solutions for over sixty football stadia in the UK and abroad to date.

  • Specification

    • Protected operators position.
    • Continuously welded rotors, strong and rugged design effective for both supervised and unsupervised operation.
    • Reliability proven over many years within varied applications such industrial, commercial , stadium and sports venues. Available in 90deg (four arm) as standard or 120deg (three arm) with trombone or straight rotor arms, single, double or banked configurations, to suit the very highest architectural design requirements.
    • Two part ground and Polyester powder coated finish.
    • Single or Bi-directional electrical operation.
    • Programmable control unit allows the connection/interface of any access, or membership systems.