Electric fence system

A shock detection system to deter intruders

The electric fence solution from our partner Nemtek acts as both a deterrent and a detection fence mounted solution. Avery discreet but effective solution, this fence can be integrated into our SMS solutions to sound/show the alarm of an intrusion attempt very quickly and efficiently.

Physical deterrent

Consisting of high tensile strength horizontal wires installed in set distances apart  (dependent on the security level needed) and  mounted inside of a new or existing fence, from just above ground up to around 500 millimeters above the fence line, this gives full coverage for any attack through or over the fence (also available as flexible fence topping). The pulsed high voltage pulses flowing through each wires provides a very effective detection and deterrence.

Safe Low voltage options

To avoid unintended shocks, this system can be configured to be set at low voltage for daytime detection.

The twined and ‘elastic’ system wires, which remain impeccably taut in all weather conditions, are affixed using insulated profiles.

The Electric fence system is designed around a high quality energizer that has two individually configured zones up 350m in length. We can also install the system on manual and sliding gates to ensure a full perimeter solution.

The System can present the alarm information in a number of ways:

  • Basic alarm outputs into and alarm or CCTV system
  • Via a wall mounted screen unit
  • Via the bespoke software running on a pc
  • Via a compatible SMS system (e.g Cortech)

This gives the user many options to ensure that the alarm can be shown and the situation dealt with in a timely manner.

Experts in perimeter protection

Physical perimeter protection is best explained as systems and technologies designed to protect people and assets within a defined area by preventing unauthorised physical intrusions.

The primary defense is the perimeter boundary for which we designed the Heras Security Model. This model serves 5 goals: to demarcate the boundary of the premises, to deter, delay and detect unwanted intrusion and to deny access for unauthorised parties.

Heras has successfully met and exceeded customer safety and security needs across Europe for almost 70 years. It is this track record, combined with the ever-developing skill set of our personnel that enables us to say that we are the Experts in perimeter protection.

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