Railing solutions that put child safety first

Heras Tangorail is a one of a kind, innovative self-raking railing system, with flexible panels that follow the contours of the ground to enable efficient installation and provide optimum site safety and security.

Available in a range of size specifications, designs and colours with complementary gates, the Tangorail system provides a complete perimeter solution. Tangorail TR800 has been designed by Heras with child safety and wellbeing during outdoor play, specifically in mind.

The TR800 play is made from vertical tubular bars with horizontal rails, and has been manufactured to meet the expectations of the Royal Society of Preventing Accidents (RoSPA), for playground fencing, ensuring no potential for head, neck or finger traps along with no opportunity for children to slip through or under gaps.
This makes TR800 the ideal perimeter solution for all parks, playgrounds and schools.

Advantages of the TR800
for every schoolyard, playground & park