Modern Heras iGate integrated into existing fencing

A Heras iGate has been installed to protect a civic amenity site in Amsterdam, The Netherlands against entry by unauthorised persons.

‘Numerous maintenance vehicles drive in and out of the civic amenity site of the City of Amsterdam every day. So there is a great deal of incoming and outgoing traffic on the site,’ says Wouter van Druten, Manager of the City of Amsterdam Civic Amenity Site. The previous gate was extremely heavy and as a result, had broken down several times. This led to the decision to look for a suitable new solution for this site. The related condition was that the new solution had to fit in seamlessly with the existing fencing. The existing fencing had been designed by an architect.


It was decided, based on Heras’ recommendation, to install a lightweight aluminium iGate. The iGate is a cantilever sliding gate that features guaranteed top quality and sustainability. This gate, in combination with the existing fencing and an arm barrier, ensures fast and controlled access to the large amount of incoming and outgoing traffic. Harold Kijk in de Vegt, Sales Adviser at Heras: ‘Changes have been made to the existing fencing and its structure. The colour composition and use of the logo of Amsterdam have also been well thought out.’

The result is a design gate that is user-friendly and is, above all, safe to operate. It has been beautifully integrated into the existing fencing. In combination with the arm barrier and additional Delta gate at the back of the site, it provides for an optimum through-flow of traffic. Wouter: ‘The finalisation of the project was also highly professional, with the Heras technicians providing a very thorough and useful explanation of how to operate the gate.’