Heras protects and monitors dozens of unmanned locations in remote area

Heras set up a security system for a Dutch company that involved putting up a barrier at dozens of unmanned locations to discourage, delay and immediately identify potential security risks. The system includes security cameras for remote monitoring and instant verification of these potential risks. This new security system meets the highest standards in perimeter protection.

Highest possible security required
Many of the locations are situated in remote outlying areas that are mostly unmanned. That is why it is important for the company to be able to remotely and quickly identify security risks, maintain constant surveillance, and take immediate and appropriate action where necessary. Moreover, attempts to gain unauthorised entry to the site must be discouraged, and intruders attempting to breach the barrier must be delayed as long as possible. Based on these requirements, Heras recommended a solution that meets the highest security requirements.

Every movement in view
Heras created a secure barrier surrounding the perimeter of each location. The solution consists of a three-metre high interior and exterior fence separated by a five-metre free zone. Harrie van Heeswijk, Solutions Manager with Heras: “The exterior fencing is anchored in the ground and is equipped with motion detectors and radars controlling the free zone. Moreover, posts mounted with fixed cameras are installed at eighty-metre intervals, and dome cameras are installed at specific locations inside the zone. Each camera is within sight of another camera meaning the entire zone is constantly monitored and there are no blind spots. This enables remote monitoring of the entire zone from a security management platform. If the system detects movement, the platform promptly displays the incident; the organisation does not need to retrieve information, all relevant information is relayed directly to the appropriate person.”

Colour images in low-light conditions
One of the biggest challenges at the locations is low lighting, given that the company is required by law to mitigate light pollution. The security cameras in the zones must therefore be able to deliver a clear image, even in extreme low-light conditions. Our preferred supplier was selected through a stringent selection procedure, also involving the client. The security camera used in this solution stood out for its high image quality in varying conditions, and the low total cost of ownership. Harrie van Heeswijk: “The cameras never fail. We’ve only had to replace one of the two-hundred-plus cameras over the past six years. Every location currently has extremely light-sensitive full HD infrared cameras. For each zone, we have the flexibility to choose the correct lens with the highest image quality. This enables the company to closely follow details in images and remotely distinguish between an employee or an intruder moving around the perimeter.”

Full support
Heras is fully responsible for maintaining the protected perimeter, the security management system and the cameras. Harrie van Heeswijk: “Thanks to our clear agreements and fixed price, the company knows exactly where it stands. Materials are regularly checked and preventively replaced after a number of years. And because of the security management system, the company does not need to monitor countless cameras round the clock; we supply the relevant information directly to them. In this way, we provide full security support to the company and they save costs by eliminating security risks.”

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