Heras delivers perimeter solution for leading European logistics company

DPD is a global brand, a European leading parcel group and a leading operator in the parcel sector in the UK, offering a vast range of services and solutions. Across the UK there are over 11,000 employees, 3,675 vehicles from 56 locations servicing 6,500 customers. Some locations can manage to sort up to 72,000 parcels per hour which ultimately means the company needs to have a safe yet secure perimeter security solutions to ensure maximum efficiency of control for each site.

Multiple DPD sites allow public access due to the option for a customer to pick up the parcel from a depot. This implies the company would need a secure site with segregation being a key factor but to also maintain efficiency and control at the same time.


DPD approached Heras due to the company having previously established relationship with the parcel group, the vast experience of working with contractors and architects, ability to provide an array of different products in collaboration with the builders and working towards tight delivery dates. Heras worked directly with DPD in order to provide a solution that included specified products such as B370 bi-fold gate. Heras worked with the appointed building firm in order to meet the criteria of entrance control products whilst ensuring there was no more than 75mm under the gates. Heras also has a service contract with the parcel group which includes inspecting the fence boundary’s and entrance control equipment twice a year for an asset review, in order to repair if necessary. Should any damage occur and a fence needs repairing immediately, Heras responds and secures the damage within 24 hours.

The products supplied were the B370 Bi-Folding Safe Gate which offers convenient, economic and secure option for vehicle entrance control with the ability to close in 7 seconds, ensuring maximum immediate security for the sites. The B700 Turnstile was used for secure control, the heavy duty mechanism with continuously rated solenoids is designed for intensive use to which therefore minimises any problematic consequences as maintaining the flow of people by having a one-in, one-out being a priority.

Pedestrian gates have been installed for disabled entry and large parcel collection. Accompanying the three entrance control products providing a boundary for the entire site is the Jupiter mesh fencing system. Jupiter is a rigid, durable panel system comprising of 5mm wires welded at every intersection. The panels can be provided in a galvanised and a coated  finish.


At this point in time, Heras has installed these products on 14 sites across the UK over a 5 year period providing over 10,000 metres of mesh fencing. The partnership between Heras and DPD is ongoing with planned contracts to protect a number of other sites in the future as the parcel company expands its operations.


DPD wanted a solution providing efficient perimeter protection as well as segregation from the public in order to ensure the safety of its assets. The solution ensures a secure boundary which provides minimal risk with the assistance of a rapid action gate being controlled 24 hours a day. The turnstile ensures a one-in, one-out system for visitors collecting parcels to guarantee maximum control and the Jupiter mesh fencing system has a guarantee of being repaired with 24 hours while also having up to 25 year life span.