Heras delivers durable fencing to Coolblue

ProLogis has chosen Heras fencing to protect and fence off the Coolblue grounds in the Netherlands managed by ProLogis. Our sales adviser, Gertjan Krijgsman, says Heras was chosen based on price and quality as well as that Heras offers sustainable solutions. Cordeel, the contractor who has carried out construction work for ProLogis, actively contributes to sustainability within the construction and property sector. They advise clients on sustainable solutions and implement projects in an environmentally responsible manner. This is why the Atlas Grence was chosen. The palisade fence is constructed using Heras Stent Technology and is somewhat related to the stents placed in coronary arteries. What is special about the Grence is that no welding occurs during production. This makes the product considerably more environmentally friendly compared to welded alternatives. Krijgsman: ‘With this technology, upright hollow bars are pushed through the rail and a shot of air pressure slightly inflates part of the hollow bar into the beam profile. This performs “angioplasty” in the hollow bar and creates a very strong junction. You also get sleek fencing without welding beads.’

Fencing for the Coolblue grounds was chosen that is constructed with bars of approximately 2.5 metres in height with a cross-section of 26 mm. The bars are galvanised and powder coated with a deep black colour.

At the site, the posts are embedded in concrete in such a way that the posts have a resistant capacity from all sides.

In addition to 1,031 linear meters of Grence fencing, Heras has supplied six electric sliding gates, four swing gates and ten barriers equipped with communication columns. Moreover, a contract was entered into to maintain all materials installed by Heras.

The Heracles and Atlas are part of the sustainable Grence product range and are a consequence of the Heras Climate Aware programme introduced in 2010. The programme focuses on drastically reducing energy consumption and waste flows and gradually reducing CO2 emissions during production. As a result, Heras was the first in the fencing industry to obtain the CO2 Awareness Certificate Level 5.